Monday, 26 March 2012

Ninotchka Coffee Parlour and Diner, Jakarta

I honestly think they don't need anymore advertisement.
Ninotchka's macs

I do believe Ninotchka Café has become one of the hippest café in Citra Garden City, West Jakarta area (and vicinity) now, judging from their Twitter activity and friends' reports.

Anyways I think I need to publish my second and third visits to the tiny café, which were done before I went back to Sydney, or else I will forget all the dishes' taste. So this is just a short post, as I actually want to publish two-digit posts each month.

Different from the first visit, the drinks that were ordered this time are macchiato and cookies and cream. My macchiato is light while being a bit bitter, but a small jug of liquid sugar makes it enjoyable. Roo's cookies and cream is more adored, sweet and creamy with crushed Oreo bites.

Macchiato (IDR 12,000 - $1.3) and cookies and cream (IDR 16,000 - $1.7)

I was sticking to dessert this time; I asked them beforehand if the macarons were available. So only one main is ordered: the chicken cordon bleu. Roo was kinda dismayed to find that it's accompanied by lines of mayo and thousand island, as he has issues with sauces. After swapping the sauce clean though, he found that the fried chicken breast with smoked beef and cheese filling is very enjoyable. It's crunchy, has perfect level of saltiness, and chunky fries as a side is always welcomed.

Chicken cordon bleu - IDR 25,000 ($2.6)

While he was enjoying the chicken, I was in my own world with these lovely macarons. They are, in fact, the best homemade macarons I have ever tasted in Jakarta (well, I haven't tried the infamous Manon yet). I only ordered three: vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate-coated grape.

Macaron - IDR 5,000 ($0.5) each

These are good macs, I say. Crunchy shell with chewy, wonderful middle part. They all have the same vanilla flavoured filling, which has the perfect sweetness level and creaminess. My fav one would be the chocolate-coated grape; partly because I love anything chocolate-coated but also because the grape flavour is tangible.

Macaron innards

Obviously, three small macs cannot satisfy my glutton yet. Chocolate lava cake, it is then!

As delicious and chocolatey as always, served warm with contrasting cold ice cream. Yummy maximum. However, I still think mine's better :p

Chocolate lava cake - IDR 15,000 ($1.6)

It seems that they have expanded the dessert menu, to red velvet cupcakes and rainbow cakes. I would love to try them, and will do as soon as I got back home. Red velvet macaron is also intriguing, don't you think?

Rating: 3.5/5 (Really worth the try)
Great tasting food and dessert, but size and price need improvement. Very unique and cozy ambiance, great service. I will give higher rating if only the portion is increased.



Circle West Citra Garden 6 C28
West Jakarta, 11830

Phone: 0816-1105316
Website (complete info):

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  1. enaknya bisa coba macaroon Ninotchka, wktu itu aku kehabisan, huhu


    1. emang sih macaronnya cepet abis, kadang" mesti di book dulu kayanya :) worth the wait though! :) thanks for dropping by ya!

  2. The chocolate coated grape macaroon looks devilishly tempting! =D

  3. Irene, itu kayaknya enak banget, mau kesana ga sempet2 :'( hixxx

  4. itu macaroon nya menggoda banget sih. sayang bener lokasi nya ga asik! *sigh*

    1. kan banyak pattiserie yg jual macaron di sekitar daerah loe cind! ;)

  5. Hmmm... Sekedar sharing info :) gw uda 3x kesana n 2x beli choco lava cake. Dlu pas sbelum pindah lokasi, ukuran choco lava cakenya gede. Tp sekarang menciut ukurannya. Pas makan disana nyobain orange lemonadenya. I thought it would be unique but it tasted like nutrisari lol. Gw setuju pas u bilang ttg ukuran dan harga yg perlu di renovasi. Mampir2 ya ke

    1. Halo Marcella,

      wa udah menciut lagi ya ukurannya? Sayang, padahal enak choc cakenya. I don't know about the orange lemonade though, it tastes more like orange syrup with dosa water to me hehe.
      Thanks for dropping by! :))

  6. been here several timesss . ga pernah coba yg chocolate coated grape nya :(

    1. it's my fav so far, tp udah lama bgt ga kesana lg jadi ga nyobain menu mereka yg baru hehe

  7. Alamat tepatnya dimana ya? Jl. Peta utara / Jln. Taman palem lestari? Kalo search citra garden west pasti gaketemu kalo gatau daerah situ hehe thanks:)

    1. Jln. Peta Utara Cengkareng. Deket banget sama Taman Palem :)

    2. Hehehe okedeh makasih:)


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