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Manmaruya, Campsie - Sydney

If you think you have enough ramen already, think again.

A giant bowl of ramen with super delicious broth is what I need with this chilly weather of Sydney. Or, a warm rice with tender pork cutlet atop is very welcomed too.

So where can I get such delicious menus? Manmaruya is the answer.

I have never been to this Japanese eatery, which is housed near Campsie Railway Station. It doesn't stand out in terms of the signage, but I will be really sad if I missed it.

Manmaruya, Campsie

I went there with the extended family, and had to wait for about 10 mins for a big enough table. They're very popular, obviously, with seem-to-be endless queue on the entry. Upon entering, I noticed that the dining area is rather small, with wooden tables and chairs. There are also seats facing the ramen-making counter, which looks very interesting.

The family had to squeeze in a medium sized table, which I believe is intended for 5 or 6 people max. Not many decorations here, but overall it is a lovely eatery. I just don't like the blue lights, such enemy for food photographing.

Clockwise from top left: entry, lovely decoration, counter, seating

Browsing the menu, is interesting and confusing at the same time. Many different types of Japanese food, with numerous lists entailing each one; all sounding tantalizing.

The elder ones chose the safe options; lunch boxes. The teriyaki chicken and salmon is really nice and well seasoned, but I prefer the salmon.  The salad accompanying is a tasty bowl of greens, dressed simply yet perfectly.

Clockwise from top left: menu salad and miso soup, teriyaki salmon lunch bento ($12.8), teriyaki chicken lunch bento ($9.8)

Appetizer came in the form of fried octopus balls; the takoyaki . The best ones I have ever had, I assure you. Crunchy skin outside, but fluffy and soft filling innards, completed with chewy (in a good connotation) octopus bites. Simply yum, just like Manu said.

Takoyaki (6 pcs) - $5.8

The aunt, I am guessing, wanted to eat a bit healthier this time. She ordered soft shell crab salad (deep fried soft shell crab with salad and sesame dressing), much to my excitement.

It is beautiful, both in sight and in flavour. The salad is sexy, but not as sexy as the soft shell crab. They're crunchy, drenched with the tastiest dressing. The portion is huge too! Enough for me to steal the second and third bites.

Soft shell crab salad - $13.8

Spicy tam-tam ramen (sesame flavour, topped with premium pork mince) is recommended by another aunt, saying that this is the best ramen she ever had. It packs some heat, the broth is milky and has a great depth of flavour. Nori sheets, bamboo shoots, and the sexy egg compliment this bowl perfectly.

Is it the best ramen, though? I still prefer Hakata's ramen, to be really honest.

Spicy tan-tan ramen - $13.8

The mother's teriyaki chicken ramen (soy flavour) is a bit too bland to my liking. It is still a tasty, hearty bowl of ramen though. The teriyaki chicken is tender, and I love the perfectly cooked noodles in both of the ramen dishes.

Teriyaki chicken ramen - $13.8

My pork katsu curry is the best dish, I reckon.

It surprised me to see a cauldron escorting my bowl of rice and delicious looking pork cutlet. The curry sauce is served separately, which is a great move to avoid the cutlet becoming soggy and loses its crunchiness.

Pork katsu curry - $13.8

This is the most polite picture of my dish after the sauce's involvement.

The real picture is me emptying the curry sauce cauldron, pouring all of it onto my rice bowl. Seriously, the curry sauce is incredible. Thick and oh-so-tasty, I just can't spare any drop of it. The pork cutlet itself is tender and juicy, which makes this dish even more dreamy.

With the curry sauce atop

Another interesting about this restaurant is that they serve rice-tasting green tea. That's really unique, I think, but I can't enjoy it very much. They said it's Japanese rice tea.

I don't think you need a summarizing closing sentence, do you? This restaurant has really really great dishes, that's undoubted. In fact, the mother and I have made a plan of dining here again soon. Wanna join?

Currency: $1 = IDR 9,500

Rating: 4.5 (Very recommended)
Really great dishes, friendly and fast service, price is reasonable, ambiance can be very crowded but quite cozy.



193 Beamish St
Campsie, Sydney

Phone: (02) 9789 5759

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  1. Dear Irene,

    I always think about Korean when I think Campsie but it's been years since I went there. Great to see a good local Japanese and the ramen does look very comforting!

    1. Hi Chopinand,

      I do the same thing too! Never thought would've found such a great Japanese eatery there. Thanks very much for dropping by, I truly love your blog! :))


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