Friday, 9 March 2012

Happy Lab, Westfield City - Sydney CBD

Do you get butterflies in your stomach when you see something magical?

I do. Plus, I love rainbows. And this candy store looks like it is puking rainbow. How magical is that?

I was catching up with a wonderful old friend, and we ended up doing window-shopping in Westfield City. The girlfriend mentioned a (kinda) newly opened candy store at the Level 5 food court, and it was a while since I visited the food court, so there we went.

What a candy store, Happy Lab is! There's no way you can miss the colourful spot, as it is almost literally calling you with all the colours. At first, it reminded me of Sticky, but it offers different kind of confectionery.

Happy Lab, Westfield City Sydney

They have interesting grouped-based-on-colour shelves, showcasing all the sweets, looking cute and inviting. The cashier table is connected with more display stacks; very dainty and unique as they use chemistry test tubes, flasks, and beakers as the sweets container. It is supposed to be a lab, you see.

Browsing through all the displays is dizzying but very exciting at the same time, it makes me feel like a child again. The first thing that caught my attention were the chord of mee toos, crunchy sugar coated Belgian chocolate.

They are available in test tubes...

Chocolate pins in test tubes

In flasks...

Chocolate pins in flasks

And in smaller jars, which they call mini mee toos.

I was panicked when I saw all the colours, I thought that meant different flavours. Thankfully, that wasn't the case. They all have the same chocolate flavours, but different meanings come with different colours, I guess.

Mini mee toos (chocolate pins)

They also offers mini blocks of chocolates, which come in different types and flavours such as fruity blocks, nutty blocks, etc. The chocolate pops are very intriguing as well, cute little chocolate balls pinned by skewers. Cuteness overload.

I also saw a set of Valentine's day gift, made with chocolate, looking very romantic with hearts all over.

If the assorted chocolate products don't excite you (how come?), check out their lollies. The also have cocktails sugar pops, lollipops, and jellies. That's about all products that I can remember, but I assure you they have a lot more adorable products to be chosen from.

Clockwise from top left: ice cream lollipops, chocolate pops, mini chocolate blocks, chocolate lips

I couldn't leave such a idyllic shop empty-handed, could I?

Successfully avoiding over-purchasing, I only bought some confectionery to test. The blueberry fruit jellies are cutely shaped X and O signs, but taste ordinary although the blueberry flavour doesn't really taste artificial. The mini mee toos tastes exactly like MnM's; and there's no complaint about that.

Top: fruit juice jellies ($0.95); Bottom: mini mee toos ($1.5)

The chocolate characters are also very entertaining! They have many shapes, including boy and girl, also various animals. I have always had this thing with rabbits and bunnies, so it was no brainer that I chose this one. It tastes pretty good, although I can't really find any special points.

Chocolate character - bunny ($2.5)

Among the stuff that I bought, the cocktail pops are the most appealing of all. I had my mojito pop, while the friend had the vodka one. I don't taste the vodka one, but I surely enjoy my mojito pop. It is not as small as you think it is, and I can actually taste mojito from it. Lovely stuff to suck on a bad day, it will give the sugar injection you may need.

Cocktail pops - vodka and mojito ($2.5 each)

My humble advice for anyone visiting the store is that it's probably better to opt for the mini things/jars, so you can try more types of sweets without attacking your pocket fiercely.

The candy store is sure a big fun, but don't expect sensational sweets from them. Having said that, I still think that the sweets are pretty and nice, and I would love to drop by again anytime.

Currency: $1 = IDR 9,500



Shop 5015, Westfield Sydney Lv 5
Pitt Street, Sydney 2000

Phone: (02) 8000 000


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