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Food Town and Han Tiam, Serpong

A last eat-out with family have to be memorable.
Roti bakar srikaya 'Sedap' Siantar ('Sedap' Siantar kaya toast) - IDR 13,800 ($1.53)

That is the reason we decided to revisit Han Tiam coffee shop in Serpong, just a day before my departing to Oz. After our first visit, the place has been unforgettable, blame it on the superb kaya toast.

We chose to dine upstairs this time, and it was really quiet and has much less decorations than the downstairs dining area. Nevertheless, the vintage ambiance can still be picked up, thanks to a vintage-looking windows attached to the wall.

It was past lunch-hour already, so we were just opting for light meal. Mie kangkung (noodles soup with water spinach) has a very fresh and light soup, the noodles are slippery and firm, and the generous condiments are very thanked. Chunks of beef can be found easily inside the soup, and overall this is a light but a very tasty meal.

Mie kangkung (noodles soup with water spinach) - IDR 18,500 ($1.95)

Har gao (hakau) is on the menu, and the brother immediately ordered it. They have thin but strong skin, plump and juicy prawns innards. Except from that, there's nothing special about these. And I am sorry about the absence of the prices, I was completely unprofessional not to take note of the prices.

Har gao

BBQ chicken buns are also great with tasty filling, but I hope there's more of them.

BBQ chicken buns

Food Town food court

The dinner was had at Living World Mall's new food court, the Food Town. The food court is very spacious, although not many vendors have opened their business. They want to create a natural ambiance, I guess, with all the fake leaves and wooden seating. It is a clean food court, completed with one drinks station in the middle of the place. Purchasing food has to be done using a Food Town card, so we have to buy the card and charge it with some amount of money.

Food Town seating

Having had a full bucket of popcorn in the cinema earlier, I wanted a light dinner. The Pizza Bar looks appetizing, and so I had this thin pizza as my dinner. I regret my decision as I know my pepperoni pizza is biscuit-thin, although the cheese is quite nice. Only 8 small slices of pepperoni is provided, but I guess you can't hope for more with such price.

Pepperoni pizza - IDR 15,000 ($1.6)

The brother went for a heavier option, a set from Pizza Bar involving sausage pizza and spaghetti bolognaise. He was hungry so he enjoyed it a lot, but if I am to choose, I will never choose this set. The spaghetti has just a dollop of bolognaise sauce, which isn't enough at all. The pizza is better, although biscuit-thin like mine.

Pizza Bar set 1; sausage pizza with bolognaisse spaghetti - IDR 31,000 ($3.2)

The absolute highlight of this food court for me is the appearance of Bakmi Alok (Alok Noodles). Alok is a popular noodles restaurant, which has had branches in several areas of Jakarta. I remember being head over heels to this bowl of noodles, as this noodles is undoubtedly one of the best noodles I've had. I hadn't had Alok noodles for ages.

When it first served, the bowl only consists of the chewy noodles and shredded chicken. We then are free to add as much as condiments as we like, such as chopped spring onions, garlic, and chilli sauce. The whole ensemble is super tasty, but I think it used to be tastier back then. Nevertheless, the chicken is juicy and the noodles are perfectly seasoned. A bowl of wonton soup is recommended to decrease the dryness of the noodles.

Bakmi Alok with wontons

You see, apparently the food aren't all fabulous for a last family eat-out. We don't care. Sometimes, it's not always about good food. We all have a great and memorable time together and I am so happy to finally have Bakmi Alok again after those years.

And Ramen Sanpachi is opening soon at Food Town! How good is that?


Han Tiam: 4/5 (Recommended)
Very good menu (esp. kaya toast), helpful service, affordable price, great vintage ambiance.

Food Town: 3/5 (Worth the try)
Good variations (Bakmi Alok is recommended), quiet ambiance, good service, price is reasonable.



Ruko Serenade Center Blok A/6 
Gading Serpong, Banten

Phone: (021) 29001277


Living World Mall Lv. 2
Jl. Alam Sutera Boulevard Kav 21

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