Thursday, 9 February 2012

First Days in Sydney

The first day is the hardest time.
Prawn in Thai spicy fried rice

I hope so.

Sydney's been very friendly for me, but the homesick cannot be avoided. At least for now. The most helpful solace is my easily-distracted-to-food nature. I'll just keep looking for food and eating until I forget anything sad.

So here you go. My first food back in Sydney. It was really a miracle that I didn't get too dizzy or nauseous during the 6-hour flight. The first time I can actually enjoy the flight meal, really. The two meal options are curry chicken or herb fish. I went for the chicken, and it was quite tasty and succulent, although the stir fried veggie was uninteresting. The meal also came with a bread roll, shrimp crackers, sliced fruits in orange juice, and passionfruit mousse (which tastes weird for me).

Flight meal

This Luke Mangan's New Yorkers was my first dinner at home. After toasting, this is a very good sandwich, and I love all the filling. They all work excessively well together. Especially the melted Swiss cheese.

Luke Mangan's New Yorkers (pastrami,pickles, Swiss cheese, coleslaw in seeded toast)

If there's one fruit I miss most from Sydney, it's the nectarines. I used to eat this all the time when they're in season. They look and taste similar with peaches, but not exactly the same. Peaches have kinda hairy skin but these have skin like apples. Some are utterly juicy but some are less juicy and deliciously crunchy. I personally prefer the crunchy one.


First eat-out meal was purchased from Satang Thai takeaway. There was still people queuing at the mini Thai takeaway spot when I got there, but I got my spicy fried rice with basil in about 10 mins.

I ordered it with pork, yet instead it came with seafood. I don't complain, as I thought a change isn't gonna hurt. As usual, a very tasty and fragrant fried rice, but I hope I'd asked for extra chilli. I still think pork is a better choice although juicy and big prawns are generously given. Still, Satang Thai is my fav takeaway restaurant.

Spicy fried rice with basil from Satang Thai - $9.80 (IDR 88,200)

Grapefruit green tea is a recommended menu from Chatime, and it doesn't disappoint me. Very refreshing, with subtle bitterness from the tea. There are some grapefruit pulps too inside, along with two wedges of lemon. And I always love the rainbow jelly, it's one of the few jellies I like.

Grapefruit green tea from Chatime (regular with rainbow jelly) - $4.70 (IDR 42,300)

Delicious food have welcomed me, and I am very sure there are gonna be many more.

So, dear Indonesian readers, anything interesting happening there?



20 Quay Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

Phone: (02) 9280 0956


Central Station
Shop 10B, Henry Deane Plaza
2 Lee St.

Phone: (02) 9211 6882

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  1. waaah Irene dah disana yaaaah

    1. iya niii :( nanti kita ketemu lg pas gue balik ya :) all the best for you! :D

  2. Parah bgt cong, ini kok mahal banget ya nasgor gt doang.. bisa bangkrut ya gw kl main ke tempat lu.. ahhaha

    1. iya bos, kalo dirupiahin emang amboi, makanya gue ga perna mikir" gt haha. kan kalo lu maen gue traktiirr hahaha

  3. Something interesting: binus kebakaran...

  4. Waaa uda lupa sama tempat" ini. Anw, I just love Sydney's huge portion. Had to split it in two takings during my first days there.

    1. visit Sydney again then! :)
      me too! well..time after time you'll get used to that. and then you started gaining some weights haha :D


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