Monday, 6 February 2012

Ancol Beach (So Long, Jakarta)

Picnic is delightful.
Small boat in Ancol beach

Well, only in good weather of course.

And unfortunately the sky decided to rain on the day that Roo and I had organized a picnic at Ancol. In case that you are not Jakartans, Ancol is a huge recreation park which has numbers of entertainment spots such as the beach, Dufan (Jakarta's Disneyland), Seaworld, Ice World, and so on.

We finally went there despite the sprinkles, but only to stop at the beach.

Ancol beach

The food was brought from home, and breakfast was Roo's mom's awesome fried rice. Tasty, perfectly cooked rice with pork bits, egg, and nuggets. Perfection. I wonder if she can actually make a bad tasting dish.

Homemade fried rice

Being a wonderful GF like I am, I made sandwiches. Looks terrible, I know. But they are a decent and practical lunch if you ask me. The making involves 10 slices of white bread and 12 slices of smoked beef. And some slices of cheese. By 'some' I mean a lot, of course.


Despite the moody weather and a bit lack of preparation, it was such a wonderful day and I do not regret visiting the beach at all. This is just a short post but I guess it has to be shared.

So anyway if you have followed me on Twitter you may have noticed that I am going back to Sydney tonight. I am very devastated actually, but ready to switch on my survival mode. This is not the last post about Jakarta eateries, as I still have a lot in stock. But of course I will give reviews of Sydney's great food too. I know you want it hehe :p

My long holiday in Jakarta has been a fun at its best and I can't ask for anything more, except for the duration. I have missed few food tastings because of the survival preps but I hope there will be more food tastings when I got back. I do hope to be invited to Sydney's food tasting too actually!

So stay tuned for the great food from the Downunder!

P.S. I changed the banner blog! That's mostly done by Roo's artistic hand and all done handmade. I am so proud of myself (and him) hehe. So what do you think?



Jln. Binaria 2/7
Jakarta 14430

Phone: (021) 6471 0497

Website (complete info): Ancol

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  1. your new banner is cute ! the fried rice and sandwiches looks yummy. have a safe flight to Sydney dear <3

    1. thank you! :))
      well the pics don't do them justice actually hehe. thanks! all the best! :)

  2. Have a safe flight Rin! I'll see you again soon, I hope xD
    Kalo lo balik Jakarta lagi, kita HARUS kuliner bareng wkakaka

    *lambai2 tangan*

    1. amiiinnnnn pe. thanks ya! :))
      HARUS. MUST.

      *lambai-lambai tangan juga* :p

  3. Awww, such a bittersweet farewell picnic with Roo...Reading this post really makes me sad =( No kidding, despite the fact that we've only met in person a few times, somehow I feel close to you...such a lovely girl. You must holler when you're back and we will catch up ya...All the best in Sydney dear...Whoever knows I might even visit you there sometime hehe =) *hugs

    1.'re too sweet :))
      somehow I feel the same too, I see you as a close friend already. I guess that's the beauty of the blogging world? :)
      I will definitely give you a buzz. and do tell me when you're here! All the best to you too, Ellyna! :D *bighugs*

  4. hey I've been lurking around your blog for a while without saying a word! keep up the good work with the frequent updates and good posts :)

    an indo 'food blogger' in sydney here! but I wonder if I can even call myself one since I'm very bad with updating the blog haha :/ anyhow if you need someone to go kuliner in Sydney I'd be happy to!

    1. Hi! :)
      i have followed your blog too. I love all your pics, look tantalizing :)
      oohh so happy to know an indo food blogger here! maybe we should meet up sometime? ;)


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