Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Sticky, Taman Anggrek Mall - Jakarta

Some little pick-me-ups are essential for this rainy weather.
Sticky lollipops

For me, a little sugar rush can definitely erase any gloom feeling resulting from the rains, especially for these days, it's like as if Jakarta hasn't rained enough.

So when I was at Taman Anggrek Mall few weeks ago, I noticed there is a new candy store, the infamous Sticky. I have heard about the rock candy specialist and have also seen some videos and shows about the store. Sticky was started first in Sydney, Australia, and has expanded to Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

The appearance of the store will definitely excite the children, and bring out the kids inside of the adults. So bright and colourful, no wonder many people are visiting the candy place, just like ants.

Sticky Taman Anggrek Mall branch

Just beside the entrance, there is candy-making station taking place. This is where the talented candy maker will be making, crafting, and doing other awesome things with the candy dough. Most of the processes are done on the 6 metres flat pan, with stove on the bottom to prevent the dough from freezing. I may have mistimed my visit, as I didn't really see a candy-making show at that time. But I can assure you, watching the candy-making process is a lot of fun, just Google some videos of it and you'll know what I mean. These candy makers are really talented.

Sticky has also stated that their products are 100% glucose and gluten free.

The white sour candy dough & molding the candy dough

Entering the store, you may forget your teeth's health and dentists, as the candy display are achingly beautiful. Many variants of rock candies are in offer, varying from fruits flavours to mint and Coke flavours. Lollipops are there too, some are put in a cute wooden barrel, and some are pinned on a stereofoam log.

Clockwise from top left: huge look-alike-candy pipes, candies display, pink grapefruit rock, lollipops display

They also provide various jar/bottle sizes, from the little 70 gr (IDR 21,000 - $2.3) to this big bottle of rock candies, whose size and price I clumsily forgot.

Big bottle of assorted rock candies
Small jars of rock candies

I ended up buying one small 70 gr bag of Regular Mix, believing that it would be interesting to pick one candy without knowing what is the flavour. Just like Harry Potter's Bertie Botts beans. Plus, the options are dizzying, so I think this one would be best if you want to try many flavours of the hand-made confectionery.

Regular mix 70 gr (small) - IDR 21,000 ($2.3)

Do I like it? You betcha. I can't stop eating it, and they are fought for between me and the brother, to be honest. I love how they have the perfect level of sweetness, and my fav part of the candy will be the middle part (white in colour), which is sour.

With so many flavours that I have tried, my fav will be the passion fruit rock and the watermelon rock. They taste very similar with the real fruits. And I also adore the pictures in the middle. Cuteness.

Actually, they can make our personalized rock candy, so we can request what pics or words will be crafted on the middle part. It's rather pricey for me though, IDR 2,200,000 ($244) for minimum 6 kg. But a jar of personalized candies will make a great present, don't you think?

Assorted rock candies

This is not really related to Sticky but who fancy some pancakes? In case you don't follow me on Twitter, I made the brother breakfast few weeks ago. The instant pancakes are really really easy to make, and they taste quite nice. Just put some Nutella and ice cream, you'll be happy eating this all day.

Homemade pancake with ice cream

And stay healthy in this absurd weather, guys. Keep eating.



Taman Anggrek Mall  Lv. 4 Unit 412A
Jl. Letjen. S. Parman Kav. 21

Jakarta 11470

Phone: +62 21 563 9389

Twitter: @Stickyindonesia

Referring sites: Sticky Singapore, Sticky Fan Page

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  1. di PI juga lagi buka stand tuh sampe februari kalo ga salah. gw suka yang kiwi...waktu itu coba tester nya. mau beli ! temen gw beli yang stroberi juga mayan. itu loe beli random ya ? ok juga tuh jadi bisa coba semua yaaaaa.

    1. kayanya rasanya enak enak semua ya, gue ga nemu yg gue ga suka ahahaha. iya random, tp banyak macem jd bisa cobain banyak hehe :)

  2. Oh dear, who can resist sweets? And the Nutella with ice cream & pancake are such a deadly combo! (I'm a Nutella fan through & through hehe)

    1. our preferences are really really alike :)

  3. Wow! Nice post...well for parties, it is easier to delight guests with candies and sweets.


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