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Ninotchka Café - Citra 6, Jakarta

Everybody needs a good eating place around the neighborhood.
Gooey chocolate

That is the reason that I was so excited to pay the place a visit. Ninotchka Café, which is run by one of Indonesian fashion bloggers Sonia Eryka, has been mentioned a lot on Twitter, and since it's so close to my home, my curiosity doubled and as a result I tagged the boy along to finally taste some of their most popular dishes.

The name Ninotchka is adapted from a 1939 movie with the name as its title, which starred Greta Garbo and told the story about Uni Soviet war.


The café's setting and decor has a vivid vintage touch, with wooden tables and chairs. The place is cozy, full of old school adornment such as movie posters, old-looking street lamps, and so on. The counter is cute too, completed with a brown canopy and a blackboard with the menu on. On a corner, there is a mini wardrobe display, which I believe to be for sale. I do think that girls may fall in love with the place instantly, and the boys won't complain either.

Clockwise from top left: seatings & wardrobe display, announcement, bread rolls, small pop up

Entertainment has been taken care of, obvious from all the provided games, magazines, and books. Most of the menu is Western food, although fried rice is also listed.

Clockwise from top left: menu, games, Christmas tree, magz and books

Let's start from the drinks, shall we? Roo's ice chocolate is exceptionally rich and luscious, I literally paused to savour the richness of the chocolate after my first sip. A must order drink, I say. My orange lemonade basically orange syrup with sprite (or soda water?). It's refreshing and has the perfect level of sweetness. Plus, I always love orange flavoured fizzy drink.

Ice chocolate (IDR 14,000 - $1.5); orange lemonade (IDR 8,000 - $0.9)/i>

The small size of the lasagna (baked lasagna pasta with rich sauce of minced beef, tomato and mozzarella cheese) surprised us at first, but for such a low price, we should have guessed it. It's a slice (?) of good lasagna, nevertheless, very cheesy and tomato-ey. And I bet it would be much better if it's heated a bit longer.

Lasagna - IDR 18,000 ($2)

My spaghetti aglio olio (stir fried spaghetti with olive oil, spicy prawns and chillies) is much better, although the small size turned me down a bit. I can finish three plates of this, I believe. The pasta is cooked to perfection, not too oily, and the saltiness is impeccable. The four small prawns on top is saltier than most people would prefer, but I love salty things so no complaint here. The addition of sliced bird-eye chillies is very welcomed too.

Spaghetti aglio olio - IDR 17,000 ($1.8)

And here comes the infamous dessert of the café, the chocolate lava cake (chocolate fondant with melted chocolate filling, served with vanilla ice cream). I have heard and read so many praises about this dessert, and I came to prove its popularity.

Turned out that the fame serves the dessert well. It's probably the best chocolate lava cake I've tried, with super chocolatey and gooey filling. Served warm, it is such an ultimate dessert, especially with a scoop of vanilla (with chocolate chips) ice cream.

Chocolate lava cake - IDR 15,000 ($1.55)

I am quite grateful that Ninotchka Café is around, it's really nice to have a good cafe close to home. I think it will be great if the size of the food can be increased, I don't mind to pay a bit more for a larger size of that spaghetti aglio olio. If you have a huge appetite, this is probably not a perfect place, as you may end up ordering plates of main meals.

Will I come again, though? Definitely, and next time I'll order the tantalizing nachos and cheese fries. And if I am lucky enough, maybe I'll get to taste their macarons too. In any case, chocolate lava cake is gonna be ordered again for sure.

Old movie poster

Rating: 3.5/5 (Really worth the try)
Great tasting pasta and chocolate cake, but size and price need improvement. Very unique and cozy ambiance, great service. I will give higher rating if only the portion is increased.



Circle West Citra Garden 6 C28
West Jakarta, 11830

Phone: 0816-1105316
Website (complete info):

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  1. I wish this Ninothcka were located nearer to my house...Haha... oh well, don't matter, at least our readers can read wider varieties of culinary finds from every corners of Jakarta, right? =)

  2. @Ellyna: very well said! I do wish I have the chance to try many restaurants in other parts of Jakarta :)

  3. porsinya mungil2 yah, memang disengajakan porsi cemilan kali yah? jadi ga terlalu mengenyangkan klo buat nongkrong2 ngisi perut dikit pny

  4. @anakjajan: iya mungil, jg ga memuaskan perut padahal enak hehe. tp harganya murah si, jd mungkin kuantitasnya dikurangi juga :)

  5. hahaha, gw juga udah nyoba ke ninotchka ini & takjub bgt pas pesen aglio olio datengnya dalam porsi imut bgt di atas piring cake dgn garpu kue yg kecil.

  6. @jenzcorner: hi hi Jenz! thanks uda mampir ya hehe :)
    iya gw juga takjub, ga nyangka sekecil itu, secara kan gw makan nya lmyn banyak juga ahaha

  7. whoa gw ngiler srius. xD
    itu di sebelah mananya sih rin?

  8. @Rheza: loe tau skolah citra kasih kan, pas di sbrangnya. pokoknya di ruko samping" sekolah itu, ada tulisan "cafe" nya di jendela. tp kalo lu kesana, siap" ga kenyang kalo cuma pesen 1 piring hehehe

  9. wah...harus dicoba nih wkwk

    Tenang...kalo gw gak kenyang paling gw panggil tukang nasi goreng malemnya xD

  10. aku minta photo nya yah untuk buat tugas..

  11. kira" kalau buat ultah, budget 1jt.. bisa buat brapa orang ya pas nya kalau dirayain disana ren? hehe

    1. wah gue sih kurang ngerti nih yg beginian hehe, tp mungkin 20-30 orang? tp dia sih nyediain kue seloyang gitu yg harganya 200-300ribu (kayaknya loh) :)

  12. suasananya yang paling gue suka... kalau menu nya sih cuman beberapa yang reccomended


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