Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Year BBQ Feast

So. Did you have an awesome NY?
Grilled corns

I hope you did. Anyway, it's 2012 already woohoo! It's only the third day of 2012, so I hope nobody feels glum already. I'm even still feeling the new year euphoria.

You may have noticed that I had a BBQ party on NYE, and oh boy it was a fun one indeed. After a warm family dinner with the big family, I went to Roo's to grill some delicious stuff. On the table, there are already seasonal fruits like rambutan and mini oranges, also sliced moist chocolate cake Roo's grandma had made.

The BBQ was done on the front yard, which had begun by the time I arrived. Corn cobs are everywhere, along with some others.

Clockwise from top left: fruits (oranges and rambutan), chocolate cake, grilling corns, raw corn cobs

And what's a party without a little fancy, alcoholic drink? To ell you the truth, this is the only alcoholic drink that I like and enjoy having. While the others complained that the blueberry vodka tastes like cough syrup, I enjoyed it very much. Then I became hyperactive and a bit hysterical. Yes, this is why I do not do alcohol.

Mix Max blueberry vodka

The party was started with delicious, salty corns as starters, and continued with even more delicious grilled chicken. These chickens were cooked already, so all we needed to do was to heat them. They weren't overcooked at all, surprisingly. Still juicy and the salty crust is simply divine.

I'm gonna tell you a secret. The best marinade for grilled chicken is just mixed butter and sweet soy sauce. Simply brush the chicken with that, and you will get super delicious grilled chicken with flavorsome crust for your BBQ party. Pinches of salt and pepper are welcome too, of course. Nothing fancy used, but you'll get fancy tasting chicken.

Grilled chicken

I squealed with glee when I found the french fries. Just my kind of carbs source for BBQ party, as I never feel like rice on a BBQ party. The french fries weren't too fresh maybe, but pinches of salt saved everything.

French fries

Sausages were brought out next, and the girls (me included) are busy with peeling and slicing them into bite size. The butter and soy sauce mixture was used again, and there go our super moreish grilled sausages.

Grilling sausages

No cold dessert for that night, but instead we made some toasts, filled our fav jams or chocolate sprinkles. I wanted the toast with butter and chocolate sprinkles at first, but the kaya spread looked so tantalizing so I went for that. I'm not gonna lie to you, sweet kaya toast with soft drinks are a really, really great end of the BBQ party.

Grilling toasts

By midnight, I was so full, all I could do is just vegging on the sofa. But of course I wouldn't miss the fireworks party outside! Roo and I made a bet about who can capture the best pic of fireworks, and of course I won. But this is my best fireworks pic. I'm sure yours is better.


Well, maybe my BBQ party isn't as fancy as the others, but it was one of the funnest for sure. Especially with the hilarious monopoly rounds we did until it was really late. I really believe that BBQ party doesn't really need fancy food, the company is what counts. And what's best than spending NYE with families and friends?

So how's your BBQ party? Any fancy food there? I hope you had fun and full belly. Here's to a great 2012!

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  1. french fries also my kind of carb too :p

  2. KAYA TOAST! i want i want! here's to 2012!

  3. @anakjajan: french fries are perfect for BBQ party, aren't they? :D

    @chocolatesuze: cheers! :D

  4. Oh yum, BBQed corn :) We got a new BBQ for christmas and I can't wait to cook on it! Looks like you had a great start to the new year! :)

  5. @Apple: oohh so lucky! I did! and I hope you did too! :D


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