Thursday, 26 January 2012

New Rating System and Custom T-Shirt

So I thought ratings would be good.
How the rating system works

Especially after few readers suggested so. So here it goes, Irene's Getting Fat! new rating system!

However, I will only give ratings for restaurant reviews, and the given rating will be composed based on overall dining experience, i.e. the food, restaurant's ambiance, service, and price range.

Therefore, please be advised that a high rating is possibly given due to the exquisite service or ambiance rather than the food. And do watch out for the half ratings such as 1.5 or 2.5 or 3.5 or 4.5 because it is possible that there is something from that restaurant which really worth a plus point. I will give explanation on each rating, of course, so misunderstandings shouldn't be there. Also, please keep in mind that the ratings can be increased or decreased if there's improvement or regression on my next visits to the restaurants.

I will start giving out ratings on my next restaurant review post, but I will also put ratings on my previous posts. I hope it'll be useful!

And check out my custom made t-shirt! Such a dream come true, really. Ordered these from Cyros Tees for IDR 70,000 ea ($7.4). Love it!

IGF's custom t-shirt

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  1. The rating system will be so helpful =)

    And the t-shirt is the cutest thing, really!

    1. yeah? great then! :D
      it's cuteee i knoww! :D thanks! :)

  2. tolong kirimin 1 kaos ukuran M ke bandung segera.. Terima kasih.. =p


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