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Iga Bakar Jogja, Taman Palem - Jakarta [CLOSED]

I'm all game for good ribs.
Double bone grilled ribs

Especially when they're spicy. Or accompanied by spicy sambal (chilli sauce). Bliss.

So here's the story. It was New Year's Eve, and the father suggested us to go for a dinner. I was really feeling like ribs that day, and I suggested for Tekko (my favourite spicy ribs restaurant), but they said it's boring. Since there's a rather new ribs restaurant in the neighbourhood, we decided to give it a try.

Iga Bakar Jogja (translate: Jogja style grilled ribs), which also have outlets in Bandung and Yogya/Jogja, has only been serving for a few months. Everytime I go past the place, I always notice that it's so quite, barely any customers. That was why I develop some doubts to visit the place.

Clockwise from top left: the logo, menu, kerupuk aci (flour crackers), decorations

Its interior is spacious, plus the smoking are and non-smoking are is separated perfectly. Long, wooden benches and tables are used, and there are some awkward-looking decorations. To be honest, I don't get the stuffed cow as a decoration. Just awkward. Anyway, the other upside about the place is that the grilling is done outside, so there's no way you'll be disturbed by smoke while eating.


I have a penchant for orange-flavoured fizzy drinks, so I chose the Sunrise for my drink. It's orange syrup combined with passion fruit and soda water. It's absolutely fizzy, and I like the addition of passion fruit. I would have enjoyed it better if it doesn't have a bitter aftertaste.

Sunrise (orange syrup with passion fruit and soda water) - IDR 15,000 ($1.5)

The father's madu jeruk nipis (warm lime juice with honey) turned out to be my favourite drink of the night. It's a great, warm concoction, and the sweet-sour contrast plays beautifully. A hearty drink for sure.

Foreground: made jeruk nipis (warm lime juice with honey) - IDR 17,000 ($1.8); Background: ice tea

I didn't go through all the menu, because ribs are what I was there for. We finally settled for few ribs dishes, and the first to arrive was iga bakar sambal belacan (grilled ribs with shrimp paste chilli sauce). Flanked by fresh raw veggies (lalapan) and sayur lodeh (jackfruit and coconut milk soup), a plate of warm rice is all you need to enjoy this dish.

The beef is oh so tender, and the spices aroma is rather pungent but very enjoyable. The shrimp paste chilli sauce is highly spicy, even for me. The soup is surprisingly light and tasty, just a perfect counterbalance for the flavorsome ribs.

Iga bakar sambal belacan (grilled ribs with raw veggies and shrimp paste chilli sauce) - IDR 29,000 ($3.2)

Iga bakar double bone (double bone grilled ribs) arrived looking and smelling tantalizing, accompanied by a small plate of chilli sauce, sliced shallots and cherry tomatoes. I put no effort at all on separating the meat from the bone, and again, no hint of chewiness at all from the meat. This one is top notch ribs, tasty all the way through. The only downside that it has a lingering oily taste in the end.

Iga bakar double bone 450 gr (double bone grilled ribs) - IDR 35,000 ($3.9)

Sop konro is a spices soup originally from Makassar, which involves the use of coriander and kluwak (Pangium edule). A rather big rib is on the soup also, topped with fried shallots and spring onions.

The robustness of the spices is very tangible, but I found out that I don't really enjoy eating the soup although the rib is as tender as the others. Splashes of lime juice is recommended, as they inject some freshness to the soup.

Sop konro (ribs spices soup)- IDR 29,000 ($3.2)

There's nothing special about the brother's grilled chicken set, but the chicken is succulent and juicy. And charred well, of course.

Paket ayam bakar (grilled chicken set) - IDR 21,000 ($2.3)

We also ordered two veggie dishes, cah kangkung (stir fried water spinach) and cah pak choy (stir fried pak choy/Chinese veggie). Part of the reason is because we want to feel good about ourselves after all those fat and calories from the ribs.

Nothing special can be noted from both dishes, unfortunately. Nevertheless, they're quite tasty and cooked well.

Cah kangkung (stir fried water spinach) - IDR 10,000 ($1.1)
Cah pak choy (stir fried pak choy/Chinese veggie) - IDR 10,000 ($1.1)

Overall, it was such a great New Year's Eve dinner and I don't regret visiting the restaurant. Their ribs are worth the try, and I am still impressed about how tender they are.

Will I be back though? Probably, when I am craving ribs and Tekko is closed.

Rating: 3/5 (Worth the try)
The ribs are so tender, service and price OK, decent interior despite awkward decorations.

UPDATE 22/11/12: Iga Bakar Jogja, Taman Palem, has been closed.



Ruko Taman Surya K1/18
Taman Palem Lestari, Cengkareng
Jakarta 11830

Phone: 021 5436 0249
Website (info):

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  1. Rene, your photos always make me drool, funny that I said this because I just came back after having konro bakar around Bintaro area XD

    Dia ada cabang lagi ga ya? :)

    1. Hehe, thanks! :)
      konro bakar itu iganya dibakar baru dimasukkin ke sop ya?
      ada, di jakarta di taman palem & gading serpong setau gw :)

    2. Konro bakar yg kmrn gw makan sih dibakar terus ditaro di bumbu kacang gitu, sopnya dipisah.

      Duh sami mawon, dua2nya jauh bener dr tempat gw, kpn2 gw cobain deh kl lagi main ke sana, penasaran iga Yogya soalnya :)


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