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Steak at Level 1 [CLOSED] and Circle K, Citra 2 Ext. - Jakarta

Awesome pyramid of onion rings is awesome.
Stack of onion rings

Heheh pardon the weird opening line, it's just I've been visiting a site called too much, and I got a little carried away.

This is actually a long overdue post, because sometimes I procrastinate a lot. The restaurant is only a few meters from my house, and I visit Circle K often, but I'm just making the post now. And if you didn't know what Circle K is, it's similar with Seven Eleven, only less complete if I must say. The restaurant itself can be found just above Circle K, and it's been serving for only few months.

Location wise, I think Steak at Level 1 is quite convenient, merged with the most popular convenience store in the housing. On the other hand, it's quite hard to find the entry. Customers need to go around the corner and find the stairs, which eventually leads to the restaurant's front door. New customers are likely to be confused a bit.

The restaurant's entry

The interior is nice. Spacious and bright, I can see myself relaxed here. Although many tables are provided,  only one that is occupied every time I dine here. The menu is simple, ranging from steaks to soups.

Clockwise from top left: interior, waiting area, menu, cutlery

Nothing really stands out about the drinks, although the lemon ice tea is refreshingly sweet.

Foreground: lemon tea (IDR 8,000 - $0.8); background: ice tea

I chose a pasta dish that night, the black pepper spaghetti. It's a pleasant surprise to find a wide beef pattie accompanies the pasta, the the black pepper sauce's aroma is tantalizing. To my dismay, I found that the pattie has lost its texture. It's seasoned well and juicy, but I don't feel the meaty texture, if you know what I mean. It's too soft for my liking. Nevertheless, the pasta is cooked al dente, and the black pepper sauce is as tasty as it smells. Sliced capsicum and onions seal the ensemble with satisfying crunch.

Black pepper spaghetti - IDR 38,000 ($4.2)

Chicken steak is a must-try menu from this place. The brother always orders this one, and he chooses right. There are 3 kinds of sauce on offer; black pepper, mushroom, and barbeque. I've tried the BBQ, and it's just weird for my tongue. The black pepper one is the best.

The hot plate is utterly occupied by two wide breaded chicken patties, too full that they put the fries and veggies on the side. Be careful with this hot plate though, because when it first arrives sometimes the sauce may splatters everywhere and ruin your shirt.

The chicken fillets are great, juicy, succulent, and perfectly seasoned. The black pepper sauce make it even better of course. The weird thing is some mushrooms come with the sauce. No complaints from me though.

Chicken steak with black pepper sauce - IDR 31,000 ($3.4)

Strange enough, our supposed-to-be appetizer came out last. Thankfully, the onion rings had been pyramid-shaped, so it successfully amused me. The waitress didn't seem to be happy about that though, as she struggled carrying the plate to our table, trying not to spill any.

Sweet onions innards wrapped with super crunchy thin batter, standing awkwardly on a thin bed of shredded iceberg lettuce. Tasty and moreish, not recommended for anyone in diet program.

Onion rings - IDR 12,000 ($1.3)

Just as an addition info, I've tried the fish and chips too (not pictured). The fish is thinly battered and juicy, but fishy smell can be picked up. The tartar sauce on side is tasty.

I think this post won't be complete if I don't put some pics of Circle K's menus too. So here you go, my fav thing to get from CK, a cup of hot Milo. I love Milo and for IDR 5,000 ($0.5), I think that's a good value for money. And it's frothy too.

Hot Milo - IDR 5,000 ($0.5)

Another popular drink will be the Thirst Buster, which is basically just soft drinks served half frozen. It's a clone of the Slurpee.

Circle K also sells cold sandwich and small meals (fried rice, lasagna, etc.) which can be reheated on the spot. I've had the hot dog and I don't taste anything special. For me, the prices of the food are really overpriced.

Medium Thirst Buster - IDR 8,000 ($0.8)

Circle K is actually a good place to hang, especially in large groups. The downside is that almost all the people there smoke, so when it gets packed it's not an enjoyable place to be, especially if you are allergic to cigarette smokes like me.

Anyway, when Steak at Level 1 first started the business, I didn't even know that they're open, let alone feeling curious to visit. No review were given at that time, so I was clueless. I just hope that this post can give sufficient info for those who are curious about the restaurant above Circle K.

Rating (Steak at Level 1): 2/5 (OK/Average)
Decent food, quiet and private ambiance, slow service, price is OK.

UPDATE 28/12/12: Steak at Level 1, Citra 2 Ext. has been closed.



Above Circle K, Citra 2 Ext.


Ruko Golden Passage, Boulevard Citra 2 Ext. 
Jakarta 11830

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  1. "Circle K is actually a good place to hang, especially in large groups. The downside is that almost all the people there smoke, so when it gets packed it's not an enjoyable place to be, especially if you are allergic to cigarette smokes like me."

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  2. @Baso: hihihi lu pasti tao laah. tp kadang" emang nyebelin banget asap rokok disana :(

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