Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Sometimes, Tap is Better

I have problem with drinking.
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I drink little. Sometimes too little. Roo always complains that I don't drink enough. I don't know why, it's not often for me to feel thirsty, except after heavy exercise or something like that. I can eat without any drinks accompanying, and sometimes the thought bothers me. Aren't we supposed to drink after meals?

My water intake in a day is so low. I've read that experts recommend 8 glass of water or about two liters water consumption in a day. Well, I think I used to only drink one or two glasses.

However, when I first started living in Australia, I was amused that tap water is save to be consumed. You cannot expect Indonesia's tap water is save enough to be consumed without filtering, to be honest. So since then, I always love tap water better than bottled water. For me, tap water is way fresher than bottled water. Believe it or not, my water intake (when in Sydney) increases gradually. True story.

Coming back home, I can't drink Indonesia's tap water freely, especially since I don't have good water filter. And my water intake decreases again.

So for you guys whose country's tap water is save to be consumed right away, I think you are lucky.

You see, bottled water costs a lot more than tap water. More energy is used to make the bottles, and apparently some bottled water has higher amount of contaminant such as mercury and thallium. We can argue that tap water contains for bacteria as it flows in plumbing pipes. More, bottled water contains allowable level of arsenic and heavy metals. Yet, from the same article, I find that tap water usually has less bacteria content than bottled water. And for me, tap water tastes more delicious. You can read the article here.

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There is this competition taking place now, a competition by Summer of Water, and sponsored by Culligan Water. I am so sorry to inform you, that this competition is open for Australian residents only.

The prize is really great, especially for those who are afraid of health risks associated to tap water consumption. The Culligan Water Filter can remove a lot of pollutant in the tap water, and it looks cool too. See the complete details about it here.

A Culligan Water Filter valued at $975 is on offer, so just visit their Facebook page and fill the entry form. The competition closes on 15 Dec 2011, so hurry win your water problem solution!

For Indonesians, I hope there's a competition like this soon. I know it takes a very good water filter to make me start drinking Indonesia's tap water. Our ground water here is way too polluted, if I must say.

In the meantime, lets drink more water, shall we? It's not good at all to drink too little, as it may cause many health problems, and drinking too little water may result in weight gain. Urgh I don't want that. No food blogger wants that, right?

So lets just stick to our bottled water for now, and hopefully an awesome water filter can be distributed (free is preferred, of course) soon. Stay healthy!

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Facebook page: I Love Water
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  1. Hey Irene, we're both similar here, I drink very little water too (curious yeah?). Like yourself, I don't feel the need to accompany my food with much, if any liquid =) If only tap water in Indo is drinkable straightaway ya...

  2. @Ellyna: hi Ellyna! your case is exactly like mine then :) if Indos tap water can be consumed right away, I bet I'll drink more hehe.

  3. Hi Irene, really like what you write there, It felt like I was going through the experience my self except no taste in my mouth hahahaha. Looking forward for the next story!! :)

  4. @Rizal: hi Rizal, glad that you like it, and thanks for dropping by! :)


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