Friday, 2 December 2011

Papabunz, Jakarta

There's nothing ordinary about these buns..
Papabunz' s paper bag

..although maybe this post is too simple and short. But believe me, you want to read this post. Even if you already know what kind of buns I'm talking about here.

I am sure that many of Indonesians, especially Jakartans, are familiar with the brand Rotiboy. Papabunz pretty much offers the same thing, with the same price. I don't pick much difference from the products of the two brands either. They both are very similar.

Now lets talk about the buns. This kind of bun is quite popular here. It's actually a soft bun with salty butter filling and sweet coffee crust atop. The butter filling isn't much, just enough amount to inject delicious saltiness to the sweet bun.

I can't never get past Papabunz counter whenever I find it. The aroma of warm, sweet coffee buns is always wafting heavily in the air, it's always smells terrific and successfully lure me to the counter everytime.

Original bun - IDR 6,000 ($0.6)

My favourite is of course the original bun. The bun is soft, the coffee crust isn't overly sweet and scrumptious, and the butter filling adds a salty contrast to the crust's sweetness.

Original bun innards

When I was at their franchise at Taman Palem Mall, I decided to give the variants a try. Blueberry cheese seems interesting, so I bought one.

In this bun, the butter filling is replaced by a layer of melted cheese, and there's blueberry-flavoured crust instead of the coffee-flavoured. The puddle of jam on top is only a garnish, and I wish there's much more of it. This one smells really good too, but I still prefer the original.

Blueberry cheese bun - IDR 6,500 ($0.65)

The vanilla bun has the delicious butter filling, but no coffee scent. Instead, there's quite distinct vanilla aroma and flavour. I found this one's slightly sweeter than the original bun. And I still prefer the original.

Vanilla bun - IDR 6,000 ($ 0.6)

I have no idea why I post this at night. This just makes me craving coffee bun for my breakfast tomorrow. O yeah this bun is perfect for breakfast. If it gets cold, just zap it for a few secs in the microwave, and you'll get your warm, soft coffee bun back. And another thing, happy December everyone!



Taman Palem Mall, Jl. Kapuk Raya Metro
Jakarta Barat, DKI Jakarta

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  1. Last week I tried Papabunz the first time in Jakarta. They really taste great!
    Is there a chance to get a recipe for Pababunz? because they are not sold in Switzerland :-(
    Greetings from Zurich

    1. They are indeed!
      I don't have any recipe, but here's what I found:

      Happy trying and please share if you have made them! Cheers! :)

  2. Hi Irene
    Thanks for the recipe. I will try it asap and let you know about the taste :-)


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