Monday, 5 December 2011

Imperial Lamian, Serpong

So I was craving something cold and sweet.

But I didn't feel like normal ice cream or sweet drinks. I want something fresh. Something different.

Have you read my earlier post about Imperial Lamian? If so, you must have known that I was really interested to try their snow ice. Last week I finally get the chance to quench my craving. Armed with empty belly and high determination, I swore I'll have the snow ice that day. But seriously, this place is always packed! Gosh.

I've talked about the restaurant's interior and stuff, so now let's move on to the food.

Arrays of dimsum are served as appetizer, starting from original xiao long bao (soup dumplings with pork filling). With the translucent skin encasing flavorsome broth and tasty minced pork, it's actually a sin to say no to this dish.

Xiao long bao (soup dumplings with pork filling)

I managed to get the last piece of shrimp roll with pork and mushroom filling. Uber crunchy skin, but I didn't found any mushroom inside. Maybe it's my error when reading the menu, but still, this one provides serious crunch.

Spring roll with pork and mushroom fillings - IDR 13,900 ($1.5)

The bowl of spicy beef noodles is so vibrant, it's hard to take your eyes off it. The handmade noodles (lamian) is as awesome as usual, and the spicy broth is also delicious. The sliced beef is thin and tender, given in adequate amount. A light scent of herbs can be picked up from the broth, but I don't really know what kind of herbs. And BTW they don't have this on the menu, so I can be wrong at giving the name.

Spicy beef noodles

I picked noodles with pork cha siew (sweet roasted pork) this time, tempted by the sound of 'roasted pork'. The creamy pork bone broth is still super flavorsome,but I actually wish that the egg is half-boiled with gooey yolk. The roasted pork is wonderful, tender and tasty on their own, and their sweetness plays off beautifully against the other components' saltiness.

Noodles with pork cha siew (sweet roasted pork) in pork bone soup - IDR 25,900 ($2.8)

I didn't get to try fried noodles with pork cha siew, it disappeared in no time from the table. It looks pretty good, doesn't it? The aunt said this is so great. I'll have this on my next visit for sure.

Fried noodles with pork cha siew (sweet roasted pork) - IDR 25,900 ($2.8)

Dessert time! Don't you feel happy from just looking at this beauty?

I got this fruity snow ice just for IDR 500 ($0.05), because apparently we're included in their first 50 customers of the day. Score!

I'm gonna knock my socks off to this fruity snow ice. The mountain of milky ice flakes is flanked by cubed mango, kiwi, and strawberries, and doused with rose syrup.

Fruity snow ice - IDR 16,900 ($1.8)

The flaky texture is something really new for me. I haven't had this kind of es serut (or shaved ice) before. Easily melts in your mouth, but holds the mountain shape for quite a time. Not overly sweet and deliciously milky, I can't help myself from coming back for more. The sour fruits are perfect companion, offering relief from the sugar.


This is the first revisit post I've ever made. Will I visit Imperial Lamian again, then? Hell yeah.

Rating: 4/5 (Recommended)
Great food, quick service, affordable price, good ambiance although can be noisy during rush hour.



Flavor Bliss Alam Sutera No. 7
Jl. Alam Sutera Boulevard Kav. VI

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