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Bakmi Bangka Novi ('Novi' Bangkanese Noodles), Kosambi - Jakarta

Mention 'deep fried taro fritter' and I'm with you.
Uyen (deep fried taro fritter)

The taro fritter, or what we usually called 'uyen' here, is my favourite fritter. When still in Aussie, this is one of the food that I miss most. And I doubt it very much if there's a restaurant selling uyen there.

I've been craving uyen for forever, yet only until last Sunday I can finally have the best uyen in Jakarta. Well it's not official, but the place has the best uyen I've ever had.

Hidden in the midst of cramped housing, Bakmi Bangka Novi isn't easy to find. Only loyal customers know exactly where it is, including me. If you are interested, just leave a comment and hopefully I can show or explain where the place is.

Bakmi Bangka Noviani (Noviani Bangakanese noodles)

Like typical Bangkanese noodles stall, the dining area is located on the front porch of the owner's home. Only two long tables are provided, making it rather hard to find a free seats as they are very popular. Most customers choose delivery service, but of course I can't do that.

Some condiments are already on table, such as chilli sauces, fried fish cake (pempek) and blistered pork cracklings.

Clockwise from top left: preparation counter, the table, fried fish cake (pempek), pork cracklings

The main menu is also typical, Bangkanese chicken noodles, which you can find easily in Jakarta nowadays. To find the authentic one is the real challenge.

The Bangkanese noodles here are authentic with no doubt, as the owner is a Bangkanese. It's not the best that I've tried but I still love it.

Preparing my belly for something else, I chose the lighter chicken vermicelli with wonton soup. It's accompanied with blanched choi sim (Chinese spinach), beansprouts, shallots, and chicken chunks. Tastes great, chicken chunks are tasty and juicy, and the wontons are superb. Probably one of the best wontons I've had.

Chicken vermicelli with wonton soup - IDR 12,000 ($1.3)

Chicken noodles are also great, with perfect seasoning and the tasty chicken chunks. And the wontons. Can't get enough of it.

Chicken vermicelli with wonton soup - IDR 12,000 ($1.3)

The father order his favourite as usual, tahu kok or Bangkanese tofu and fish cake soup. Super tasty broth, and the tofu is soft while the fish cakes and fish balls are chewy. This soup is best devoured with some sambal tauco or tauco (fermented soybean paste) chilli sauce.

Tahu kok (Bangkanese tofu and fish cake soup) - IDR 15,000 ($1.6)

Now here comes the 'real' main menu. These crispy-looking balls are mind blowing, I'm telling you.

Uyen or taro fritters are made from shaved taro, and I'm not sure if a bit flour is used as adhesion agent. They're deep fried, until the outer side transforms into crispy shards of taro, and the inside part is still soft and a bit chewy.

Uyen (deep fried taro fritters)

Uyen from this place, which is made my the owner's mother-in-law, is to die for. I haven't found any competition, to tell you the truth. They're extremely popular, of course, and it's not unusual if there are some people hanging around just to wait for their uyen being fried. Some even have to wait for hours, because they order like 50 or 100 uyen for takeaway. Crazy, I know.

The diners have to be extra patient about these fritters, as the rule is 'first come first serve'. Luckily, exactly when we finished our meal, a basket full of piping hot uyen is ready. Our table got the remaining 4 uyen from the basket, and that's what I call lucky.

Uber crispy and still very hot, sinking your teeth directly inside is not recommended. The crispy layer should be enjoyed slowly, until finally the soft innards cools a bit. These fritters are super tasty, but some homemade sour chilli sauce is totally recommended. Let the fritter swimming in a puddle of the sauce first, and enjoy.

Uyen innards

Being a greedy me, I managed to get 10 more uyen for takeaways. And all gone within 6 hours. Too addictive, they are.

So if you believe me, which you have to because I'm not lying at all, you can ask me the direction of the place, or you can call the place directly. Really, they are worth the effort.

Rating: 5/5 (Must try)
Heavenly uyen and great Bangkanese noodles, homey ambiance, service is OK, affordable price.



Jln. Angsoka Hijau VI, E7/12
Kosambi, Jakarta

(021) 5410887
(021) 94840128

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  1. ireneee..itu si uyen nya menggoda banget. mau donk ! jauh bener sih hiks....kalo titip boleh kah? sabtu kan kita ketemu hihihihi.....

  2. @urukyu: emang enak bgt de sumpah hahaha. kalo gue bisa si mau aja nanti bawa hr sabtu, tp masalahnya yg tau lika liku jalan tempatnya cuma bokap, tp dia kan kerja :(
    nanti kalo lg main ke jakbar mampir aja kesini, temptnya bs di google kok, trus nanti klo gue kebetulan kesana lg trus bbrp hr setelahnya kita ketemu lg, pasti gue beliin dulu dah hehe :)

  3. iya itu dia masalah nya di jakbar. jauhhh jarang jajah daerah sana. sippp gpp kok :))

  4. omggg loookssssssss yummyyy hahaha. you are a truly food's lover :)

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