Wednesday, 7 December 2011

100th Post - Fancy Meals on a Home Alone [Recipe]

I made it here! Woo hooo!

The 100th post is so important to me. Why? Because it is not often for me to stick to one thing so long. I'm easily bored, to be really honest with you. 100th post is such an achievement for me, and I really can't do it without your support, my dear readers. I hope you've been enjoying my posts, and I also hope that the blog is getting better since I first started it. Thank you very much and here's to more delicious posts and great food!

As the 100th post I thought I have to post something different. Something that I have never post before. So here you go, this is a post about self-made meals that I did when I was home alone. And I love to trash the kitchen I'm alone. Nobody's gonna complaining or squealing when (they think) I am doing something wrong.

Let's start with breakfast, shall we?

I just read a book full of potato recipes. I love potatoes. Fried, baked, mashed, steamed, stewed, you name it, I love it. Hashbrown is one of my favourite, so I tried to make it that day. Deep-frying is prohibited in the house, so I thought pan-frying it won't be too bad.

It's pretty simple actually. Wash the potatoes and grate them harshly. Add some salt and pepper, and I also add chicken powder for extra taste. Heat your pan and pour some oil, then grab a handful of grated potato and fry them. The size is optional, and I made one giant hashbrown and some small ones. As a side, I opened a can of spicy sardines, and add sliced tomatoes, shallots, and green chilli for extra spicy kick.

Clockwise from top left: grated potatoes, frying hashbrowns, heating canned sardines, canned sardines

The result is great. The giant hashbrown is the crunchiest, so I love it the most. The sardines is surprisingly spicy enough, and the flavour combination is spot on.

Making hashbrown is recommended for those who wants to exercise and making breakfast at the same time. The grating-potatoes part is sure quite a labor, you'll sweat in no time. Especially if your grater is dodgy like mine.

Pan-fried hashbrown served with spicy sardines

Moving on to lunch now. The mother had left few dishes on the table, but I was feeling like something extraordinary. Having read a recipe of garlic rice from the Chef Project few days ago, and the idea tickled me.

The recipe is pretty simple too, all you need is some cloves of garlic and onions. And rice, obviously. Chop the garlic and onions, fry them first until fragrant, then add 1 cup of washed raw rice. Stir them together with 1 tsp salt, then pour 1 3/4 cup of boiled water. Please be advised that maybe the ratio of liquid to rice for the type of rice you are using may differ. Let it simmer for few minutes, and be patient. I wasn't really patient so I started nibbling on it after a few mins and turned out that my rice was still half raw. Oh well.

Clockwise from top left: garlic, the ingredients, making rice, garlic rice almost ready

I'm quite surprised about how fragrant the garlic rice is! Tastes great, and full of sweet chunks of onions. Yumsters. And next time I'll put more garlic. I'm such a garlic addict I can't ever date a vampire.

Garlic rice with homemade stir fried tauco tofu

And I helped myself a bowl of Mom's stir fried tauco (fermented soybean paste) tofu. This one is unbeatable and only the mother can make it. Paired perfectly with the rice.

Mom's homemade stir fried tauco tofu

The lunch also involved  my kind of fancy drink, self-made orange squash. This concoction only includes soda water and orange juice, but orange syrup will be much better. I was being a lazy ass, couldn't get myself to walk to the minimart and buy a bottle of syrup.


I sprinkled a bit of sugar just to add more sweetness, as the orange juice isn't that sweet and the soda water is tasteless as usual.

Sweet, a bit sour, and fizzy. I am so proud of myself.

Orange squash

Dinner on that day was done at a restaurant, so that'd be a different story. Anyway I'm so glad I trashed the kitchen that day, my simple meals are actually epic enough for me. I guess this is a good mini celebration for the 100th, don't you think?

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  1. wohooo congrats for your 100th post !
    mau donk dimasakin juga :P

  2. @urukyu: thank youu :D hehehe cuma bisa yg simpel" kok hehe :)

  3. Your hashbrown is just like the Rosti dish from Marche! And congrats for your 100th post! Add another zero behind, shall we? =D Cheers to your success!

  4. @ellyna: you're right! I just noticed hehe. Thank you heaps! Another zero behind, totally. :)
    Cheers to ours! :D

  5. Whoaa, Congrats on the milestone! This calls for a celebration. Jadi kapan makan makan?

  6. @Ruby: thanks Ruby! ummm why don't we wait until 1000th post? a big celebration (read: makan"), that is hahaha.

  7. congrats on the 100th post ririn!! xD

    Eh garlic rice itu kita tuang beras mentah2 gitu ke panci? O.O

  8. @Rheza: thank you pepe! :D iya, tapi kan dimasukin air juga, jadi tetep jadi nasi akhir"nya haha


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