Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Spinelli Coffee, Living World Alam Sutera

It all started with a mini sample cup.

I took that mini cup of coffee with anticipation, afraid that the coffee is the bitter one which I don't like. I took my first sip, and my heart skipped a beat. It was cold and had quite vivid taste of banana, the coffee was perfect in sweetness-bitterness aspect, and if I wasn't mistaken, my tongue picked up a slight hint of chocolate. I was immediately sold by the very interesting flavour combination.

Since then I was in a high craving of Spinelli Coffee's banana coffee. The next Sunday I went to the mall again with a determination to get a glorious cup of the coffee.

Spinelli Coffee at Living World

The Spinelli Coffee is originated in San Francisco, and has expanded to Singapore, China, and Indonesia. Their franchise at Living World mall is utterly cozy, where smoking and non-smoking areas are separated efficiently.

Bags of their finest coffee beans are in offer, along with delectable-looking desserts and simple mains.

Clockwise from top left: the counter, open dining, packed coffee beans, smoking area

Cookies offered include chocolate chips and ginger cookies, and I didn't pay much attention to the croissants and danishes.

The cookies and croissant are eye candies, but the next display cabinet is even more tempting.

Cookies and croissant galore

Arrays of cheese cakes, tiramisu, and even Christmas log cakes are achingly tempting. I would love to have the log cake (which looks very chocolatey), but the lasagna with potato salad seemed to be a better deal for that day.

Desserts and frozen mains cabinet

A quick glance to the menu board informs me that there's only one coffee that involves banana. I asked the barista for more assurance, and finally I was sure that Banana Spin was what in the sample cup last week.

I was quite surprised that it is ice blended, as the sample cup I had didn't contain any ice in any form. That is probably the reason of the lack of banana flavour in this regular cup of Banana Spin. It does have a distinct taste of banana, and I thought I find some micro chunks of it, but it doesn't taste as intense as the one in the sample cup. With perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness, I just hope there's more banana used. Or much less ice used.

Banana spin (R) - IDR 35,000 ($3.8)

The lasagna arrived with a warning for the waitress, reminding us about the high temperature of the dish. The lasagna is pre-made but baked upon order.

It is so delicious that I didn't mind my tongue getting burnt from my first mouthful. Beef chucks are given generously, layers of cheese are too; this one is a sinful perfection.

The potato salad is a fantastic companion, being very tasty and not overly creamy although served cold. The potato chucks are firm enough, mixed with egg yolk and chopped celery.

Lasagna (served with potato salad) - IDR 35,000 ($3.8)

Just look at it. And buy one now or lick your screen.

The best part of the lasagna is the top part, baked melted cheese which has become crunchy and deliciously salty.

And just ignore the calories of the dish, okay?

Lasagna innards

To tell you the truth, my craving for the banana coffee in the sample cup isn't satisfied yet. I may have to come here again, and maybe if I'm lucky the sample cups are given again hehee. But anyway, I really enjoy the food and drink the Spinelli Coffee offers. I didn't regret trying it at all.

Rating: 3/5 (Worth the try)
Interesting coffee flavour and good lasagna, a bit pricey, nice ambiance and friendly service.



Living World, Ground Floor
Jl. Alam Sutera Boulevard Kav. 21

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