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Rumah Kayu, Serpong

This restaurant's ambiance is one of the best, I swear.

It was the first time I went there actually, as the restaurant is relatively new, only about seven months old. The dinner was a celebration of a cousin's birthday, so I didn't touch the menu, hence no information of the prices, I'm sorry.

I love the restaurant from the first sight. The area is so big, providing maximum cosiness and guaranteeing definite relaxation. Even the parking lot is spacious too. There's a mini fountain in front, and the area view at night is beautiful. Small lights and lanterns are heaps.

Rumah Kayu restaurant

They offer various types of dining area. Ones with normal tables and chairs, ones with cushions instead of chairs (or lesehan we called it here), and there are also private tables hidden in the middle of the huge garden. A playground is also provided for children, to make sure they are entertained well.

Clockwise from top left: dining area with cushion, two levels dining area, private table, playground area

Now, the question is whether or not the food is as good as the place's environment.

By the time I arrived, there are already several plates of food on the table. My eyes immediately caught the sight of this vibrant plate of gurame goreng sambal mangga (fried snapper with sour mango chilli sauce).

It tastes as beautiful as it looks. The filleted fish is cooked very well, still juicy and soft. The chilli sauce with julienned mango is wonderfully fresh with the combination of sweet, sour, and a bit spicy. Definitely will awaken your taste buds. All flavour balance perfectly, and the crispiness of the batter just make this dish super addictive.

Gurame goreng sambal mangga (fried snapper with sour mango chilli sauce)

Cumi goreng tepung (deep fried calamari) are very crunchy, although they're too little given. Not much I can say about this one, as it is not as addictive as the snapper.

Cumi goreng tepung (deep fried calamari)

They declare that ayam bakar Rumah Kayu (Rumah Kayu's special grilled chicken) is their specialty, yet I can't find anything really special about the dish. The chicken is great, of course, perfectly caramelized and slightly charred. It's succulent, and the sweet marinade is flavorsome. I believe they have two versions of grilled chicken, honey marinated and spicy marinated.

Ayam bakar Rumah Kayu (Rumah Kayu's special grilled chicken)

Sayur asem (sour veggie soup) is earthy, light, and tasty. Perfect soup to accompany the meal.

Sayur asem (sour veggie soup)

Kangkung hot plate arrived bubbling and the sound of popping gravy bubbles is mouthwatering. The hot plate keeps the kangkung hot and crunchy. The gravy is the killer part, being very tasty and piping hot, and few prawns and calamari inside give pleasant surprise. I found myself relishing the gravy even after the kangkung is all gone.

Kangkung hot plate

It's a tradition for the Chinese to have noodles on a birthday celebration, to symbolize a long life for the birthday person. It's no different in my big family, thus plates of mie goreng ulang tahun (birthday fried noodles) are ordered.

The presentation looks too messy for me. The decoration involves sliced big chilli, sliced small chillies, lettuce, cucumber, one whole tomato, and quail eggs. I got the idea, maybe they want to make it looks glorious since it's noodles for birthday, but I think they overdid it. The noodles themselves are tasty, accompanied by fried fish cakes, fish balls, and some chicken chunks. They're not too oily, and I actually love the quail eggs.

Mie goreng ulang tahun (birthday fried noodles)

Does this sup perut ikan (fish belly soup) look appetizing for you? It didn't for me. At first. Then I thought if I want to make a complete post, I might as well taste this one. I am so glad I did it.

Oh my God it's so freaking delicious. The broth is one of the best I've ever tasted. It looks clear, but it's actually full of flavour explosions. The fish belly is superb. I heart the texture of it, chewy and stretchy, yet still very much enjoyable.

Sup perut ikan (fish belly soup)

After the dinner is over, I went for a walk around the huge area, with a goal to burn some calories (which apparently didn't work). I'm amazed about how big the restaurant is, and the waiters/waitresses are heaps too, guaranteeing fast service to every table.

And then I saw an ice cream stand, and the goal to burn some calories suddenly disappeared. It's es puter stand, or literally rotated ice cream in English. It's called puter or rotated because the ice cream is made manually by rotating process.

Es puter stand

It offers four kinds of ice cream, which I believe includes mung bean, coconut, and durian. I forget the last one. The toppings offered are sago pearls (pacar cina), black beans, and diced white bread.

Arrays of ice cream and toppings

We got a cup of durian, mung bean, and coconut ice cream, with sago pearls and black beans as toppings. My favourite would be the durian one. The durian taste is distinct, it's even quite fragrant. The downside is that the ice cream is icy, there are some ice flakes inside, which I don't like. It still make a great dessert though, especially with the black beans topping.

Durian, mung bean, and coconut ice creams with black beans and sago pearls - IDR 12,000 ($1.3)

This place is totally recommended for families or groups, although everyone can absolutely have a good time here. Some menus are maybe mediocre, but I still can't forget the snapper with mango chilli sauce.

Rating: 3/5 (Worth the try)
The rating is mostly given for the huge and various dining areas, but food is mediocre, price is affordable, service OK.



Jalan Ki Hajar Dewantara SKL 002 
Gading Serpong, Banten

Phone: (021) 54212011

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  1. @ radhita: uumm maksudnya contact number Rumah Kayu?

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  3. I were there yesterday, 2nd visit with my whole fam & the gank haha... They really like the place thou' the food we ordered are not that special, but overall, It's really a nice place for everyone, good food and green view from anywhere you sit... :)

    Nice post of you! :)



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