Thursday, 10 November 2011

Renash Street Japanese Food, Jakarta

This is not another fancy Japanese restaurant.

It's a simple, humble, temporary place that offers few Japanese famous menus in the midst of busy housing. Renash opens only in the late afternoon, targeting hungry dating teenagers or tired employees on their way home who seeks easy, tasty, and cheap dinner. That's not unusual, as a lot of street restaurants in Jakarta open only at night.

There's nothing fancy at all about the place, the tables and stools are really simple, even the kitchen utensils look old. Banners are there to attract customers, but also to put their menus on. The place is very open, so maybe this is not the most hygienic place to dine, but it's still acceptable for me.

Clockwise from top left: Renash banner, cutlery and chilli sauce, simple table and stools

Appetizer is offered in the form of otak-otak or grilled fish mousse, accompanied by watery peanut chilli sauce. Firm, although a bit fishy and floury. It's not too bad, but overpriced in my opinion.

Otak-otak (grilled fish mousse) - IDR 3,000 ea ($0.3 ea)

I love deep fried things. I took me about 5 secs to decide what I wanted that night. The tempura set comes with a bowl of rice and a bowl of salty tempura sauce. The plate of tempura itself consists of battered prawns, onions, and snake beans.

The prawn tempura doesn't involve juicy big prawns or bread crumbs. The prawns are rather small and not juicy. There are only two slices of onions and a bit of snake beans. However, the deep fried batter is the hero for me. Oh-so-tasty kind of batter. Only a wee bit oily, somehow perfectly seasoned, and amazingly crunchy. So although I wanted more prawns, I didn't make a fuss about it. I'd love to nibble on this kind of batter anytime. It's even better after dipped into the watery sauce. I'm not sure what sauce is that, but I'm sure it involves soy sauce and salt in the making.

Tempura set with rice - IDR 17,000 ($1.6)

Roo loved his chicken yakiniku, and I surely can see why. The fried chicken chunks are hot and a bit crunchy outside, yet succulent and very juicy inside. Drench them with the tasty yakiniku sauce and some onions, and they are simply addictive.

He got some salad on the side, which is useful for refreshment after my fried meal.

Chicken yakiniku - IDR 13,000 ($1.4)

Although this place is housed in the midst of fancier restaurants in the housing's food court (yes my housing has a food court), they do have their own loyal customers. And I can see myself becoming one of the regular customers.

Rating: 3/5 (Worth the try)
Good Japanese menus, open restaurant environment, service very fast, price is affordable.



Ruko Citra Garden 2, Unit 1
(Just beside Dunkin Donuts Citra Garden 2 branch)
Jln. Peta Barat
Kalideres, Jakarta

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  1. Interesting to see Japanese food being sold at a "warteg", hehehe...

  2. indeed! but it's actually good so I don't mind :)

  3. harga nya kaki 5 banget yaa....tapi dari penampakannya enak banget tuh :) sayang jauh hihi..deket rumah gw juga ada warteg japanese food begini, tapi harga nya lebih mahal >.< cuman enak juga sih

  4. @ urukyu: iya, bersahabat sama kantong banget harganya :) emang kadang" yg warteg" gt bisa enak banget ya :)

  5. Hi Irene! Oh, if only Renash opens near Kota (where I live) =(

    By the way, I'd like to update you about my new blog address...Just completed its tranformation today (huff!) Do check it out if you want to =)

  6. Oh, I mean to request that you also update my blog address on your list of "Food Blogs Indonesia" teehee...since the old address is no longer in use. =) Thanks & sorry for the hassle...

  7. @ ellyna: hi ellyna! i'm sure there are some 'warteg' like this in Kota too, right? for all i know, Kota is a very busy area! :)
    your new blog's great! i updated the list already :)

  8. Hey, thanks dear =) Yeah, Kota has plenty of hidden gems as well, so many to write about I don't even know where to start! >,<" haha

  9. Ini yg buka cabang d palem jg bukan sih? Gw juga sukaaaaa. Meski kadang2 rasanya micin banget.hahahah :P

    1. wah gue ga tau kalo di palem sar, ga pernah liat. gue taunya di palem ada sakura hehe

  10. me ish a loyal customer xDD

    Biasa gue pesen tempuranya suruh full udang, rin. Dan karena mas2nya rada geblek, jadi udangnya dia tambahin nampaknya :p

    1. gue suka sih onionnya, batternya yg bikin enak hehe
      masih ada kan pe ini tempat? :D


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