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Milan, Greenville - Jakarta

Like father like daughter.
Serabi duren (durian pancake)

Sometimes when you see your parents eating something very often, your curiosity grows and then you come to love the food too. My dad, who has Bangka blood, used to eat this kind of food very often. I was curios about the food that he loves so much, I decided to give them a try. Guess what, I love it. For me, Bangka's food is one of the best that's in Indo.

So when we are craving Bangkanese food, we come to this place. Milan restaurant is not related to Italy at all. In fact, I suspect that the name is actually Mi Lan, which is maybe the name of the owner.

Milan restaurant

The restaurant's appearance is modest. Even so, they provide a large varieties of Bangkanese traditional snacks, including fish crackers, tahu cao (fried soft tofu with tauco chilli sauce), sagu gunting (Bangkanese dessert involving sliced sago cake, shaved ice, and syrup), and serabi Bangka (Bangkanese pancake).

Clockwise from top left: interior, serabi (pancake) display, crackers galore

And this is my fav fish crackers. Getas is originated from Bangka, although many have tried to replicate this addictive crackers. They're crunchy and very tasty, certainly different from the other crackers. Be warned before consuming this, as high level of addiction is highly likely to occur.

Getas (Bangka fish crackers)

Pempek (fish cakes) are showcased in glass cabinet along with other snacks, both the fried and the steamed ones. They make a great appetizer.

Pempek (fried fish cake)

The appetizer we chose involves few steamed pempek and uyen (deep fried taro fritter). The fish cakes are served rather cool, which is really weird. And the yolk inside is too dry, making them not too enjoyable.

The tauco (fermented soy-bean paste) dip on the side helps a lot, imparting more flavour to offset the bland fish cake.

Assorted pempek (steamed) and uyen - IDR 3,000 ea ($0.3 ea)

The taro fritters are much better, a bit on the dry and soggy side, but still tasty. And the tauco dip, once again, make everything better.

Uyen (deep fried taro fritter)

Allured by the sound of "roasted pork", I opted for kwetiau babi panggang (Bangka-style rice noodles with roasted pork) as my main. It's served on a flat plate, accompanied by blanched choi sim (Chinese spinach), and I was surprised that they also add some minced pork along with the roasted one.

The rice noodles was terrible. I'm sorry to say that, but it's true. They aren't mixed perfectly with the seasoning, so there are some parts where they're completely bland, and other parts where the seasoning kicks in. The roasted pork is good though, great saltiness, and of course cracklings rock.

Bangka-style rice noodles with roasted pork - IDR 20,000 ($2.2)

The same inconsistency also happens to my dad's mie ayam (Bangka-style noodles with chicken). It is served with blanched choi sim and tasty chicken chunks.

I think the noodles we ordered were not enjoyable because it wasn't the owner who made them. I believe only Bangkanese can make great Bangka noodles.

Bangka-style noodles with chicken - IDR 12,000 ($1.3)

My dad also ordered his favourite soup, tahu kok or Bangka-style tofu and fish cake soup. There are fried tofu, fried fish cake, and fish balls in the clear soup. They all have firm textures, and the soup itself is very tasty and perfectly seasoned.

Tahu kok (Bangka-style tofu and fish cake soup) - IDR 14,000 ($1.35)

Now here's the part where this restaurant is different from the others. They serve Bangkanese pancake (serabi Bangka) and even have special stoves with clay pot pans to make it.

The small clay pot pans are heated first, and then the batter is poured, wait a few minutes and the pancakes are ready. Some of the pancakes are a bit burnt, but surprisingly the smoky flavour adds deliciousness.

Clockwise from top left: serabi-making stoves, the batter, making serabi on clay pot pan, fresh serabi

They offer three kinds of pancakes; pandan, durian, and nangka (jackfruit). When I was there, they ran out of the jack fruit ones, so I chose the durian ones. One portion consists of two pancakes, ladened with kinca or durian paste/jam. Kinca is typically slathered on bread, but sometimes it makes a great partner for pancakes like this.

The pancakes are rather plain in terms of flavour, but that doesn't matter as the durian jam is superb. This durian jam maybe won't be a hit among durian-haters, but for a durian fans like myself, it's simply divine. It's creamy, full of durian flavour, very fragrant, and not overly sweet. The pancakes are stretchy, unlike the western-style pancakes. Together, they are perfect.

Serabi duren (Bangka-style durian pancake with durian paste) - IDR 10,000 ($1.1)

Before this visit, I always have delectable food here. Maybe it wasn't my lucky day that that the noodles are dodgy. The pancakes, however, have never failed me.

Rating: 3/5 (Worth the try)
It's the awesome durian pancakes the rating is given mostly for. Terrible noodles when it isn't cooked by the owner, although good restaurant ambiance, service is decent, price is OK.



Greenville Ruko area, block AW/2
Greenville, West Jakarta

Phone: (021) 56968128, 94294757

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  1. wow wow wowww ngiler liat pempek, mie bangka, kwetiau & serabi nya !!! di daerah rumah gw ga ada nih yang jualan kaya begini. ada paling cuman mie bangka aja :(

  2. @ urukyu: mie n kwetiaunya lg ga enak waktu gue trakhir dateng hehe, biasanya si enak, tapi serabinya yg paling top! kapan" cobain aja resto ini! :D

  3. pengen sih cuman jauh dari daerah gw hihi..tapi kalo ada kesempatan pasti gw cobain deh. wah sayang banget ya lagi ga enak gitu.


    @IRENE: Just had Tahu Fu Kok earlier for lunch at Pademangan, the tauco chilli sauce was divineeee. Thumbs up to bangka tauco! The best!

  5. @ urukyu: worth to try kok! :D
    @ Ruby: i know, right! Bangka's tauco is truly the best. ever. :D

  6. ini di daerah mananya yah? deket apa patokannya?

  7. @ monic: ini di Greenville, area yg ruko"nya penuh dengan restoran" itu loh, pokoknya deket sama Warung Nuri, saung Greenville dan teman"nya haha.


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