Thursday, 3 November 2011

Macarons from The Harvest Patissier

If I am to wear a costume, I'd wear a macaron costume.

Who doesn't like macarons? Well maybe not everyone love eating it, but how can you not love the colourful, cute looking snacks? And what's better to be my first post in November than these babies?

Oh dear God, it's November already? I can't believe time can fly this fast. Just three months more and I'll say goodbye once again. Pffffffffftttt.

Anyway let's not wallow in sadness, let's start admiring these macarons I bought from The Harvest Patissier.

I never knew that they sell macs, so when I saw a macs photo in front of their store, I immediately decided that I have to have them. Unfortunately, they don't sell many variants, they just offer 6 pack of macs and 12 pack of macs, with the same flavours. I bought the 6-pack one,costing me IDR 55,000 ($6.2). It's slightly more expensive than the macs from other shops, so I thought they must be good.

6-pack of macarons

Since I stupidly not asking the flavours of these macs, I had to guess it myself. I maybe guessed wrong, but this is what I got:

Blackcurrant (purple) - Has a distinct blackcurrant flavour on the chewy filling; nice, crunchy shell; very good.

Chocolate (chocolate) - This one's really good. Quite rich chocolate taste and aroma from both the filling and the shell, the filling being not overly sweet and chewy, it feels like eating milk chocolate itself.

Pineapple OR lemon (yellow) - I'm not sure about the flavour of this one, as it has citrus-y flavour. Maybe it's the combination of lemon and pineapple? I can't be sure. This one's my least favourite, as the sourness is not strong enough to offset its sweetness, and it feels rather artificial.

Strawberry (soft pink) - This one's great. I love the zingy kick from the filling, and it also has rather unique strawberry taste. And I love the colour.

Raspberry (fuchsia) - I really love the filling! It tastes similar with my fav Anatoth raspberry jam. It has more sourness than the strawberry one, so it balance the sweetness beautifully. This one disappeared very quickly from my sight.

Green tea (green) - This one has the lightest flavour of all. Yet it still contains enough green tea flavour, and I found that this one's not as sweet as the rest.

Clockwise from top left: blackcurrant, chocolate, strawberry, green tea, raspberry, pineapple/lemon

Overall, however, the shells are a bit too sweet for my liking. I was in sugar high after devouring them. The fillings are good, but they would be much better with less sweetness.

And sharing is caring right? The raspberry one is the most fav among the family.

Macarons cut half

The raspberry mac was crushed by me. I was too excited and the klutziness appeared and the poor mac was the victim. It still tasted good though.


And o yeah guys, it's macaron with one 'O'.



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  1. kemaren gue jg sempet ngiler liat macaronnya harvest, slightly bigger than Manon's tp harganya itu bok nga nahan. and too bad nga bisa beli per pieces.

    you should try manon's version! :D

  2. Hi SeorangPrempuan!
    iya, emang pricey ya :(
    udah lama pengen coba manon emang, tp belum kesampaian hehe.
    thanks for stopping by!


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