Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Harvest Patissier and Chocolatier, Alam Sutera - Serpong

Just take me to a pâtisserie or a bakery and I'd be content.
Danish display

I actually enjoy being at a place like this more than visiting a mall. This kind of pâtisserie can really provide a feast for my eyes. I love looking at the pretty displays, and yet I have to control the urge to say 'I'll have one of each'.

The huge picture of macarons was what lured me here. I haven't tried many macarons in Indo, so I got really excited finding one.

The Harvest, Alam Sutera

The aroma inside the room is magical. The hints of chocolates, creamy cakes, and sweet breads will definitely tickle your senses.

The room isn't that big actually, but it contains displays that made my day. Ice cream, breads, cookies, pralines, cakes, and..macarons.

The assorted pralines look awesome, they are sweet little things promising big flavours. They vary from Baileys pralines to the classic milk chocolate pralines and also the cheeky-looking cherry chocolate. I didn't try one though, as my eyes caught the boxes of macs.

Top-bottom: pralines display, boxes of macarons

I was kinda disappointed as they don't have many options to choose from. All they have are 6-pack (IDR 55,000 - $6.2) and 12-pack (IDR 100,000 - $11.1). I bought the 6-pack one, and I've reviewed it on my previous post.

Six-pack of macarons

The ice creams look great too, vary from oreo ice cream to strawberry sorbet. They also offer sliced white bread, which I believe is supposed to be sample.

Top-bottom: ice cream galore, sample sliced bread

The brother then settled for oreo ice cream on cone. It taste great, I love the abundance of the cookie crumbs, and the ice cream itself is smooth.

Oreo ice cream on cone - IDR 20,000 ($2.2)

Do you remember my mom's bday cake, the awesome triple chocolate cake? Yeah it comes from this place.

The cakes display is the most visited, as the cakes are very eye-catching and may make your mouth water just from looking. There were also some people waiting for their cake orders, so it was kinda crowded.

Clockwise from top: cakes galore, ice cream cakes display, cookies

Donuts are placed neatly on a tiny pole, and they also put sheets of plastic between the donuts so they won't 'hurt' each other's toppings.


Two kind of breads were also purchased that day, the tuna bread is fluffy, although more tuna filling won't hurt at all. I'd love it when it's warm actually.

Tuna bread

The cheese croissant is more preferred, as the croissant is buttery and flaky, and the cheese is enough.

Cheese croissant

I actually don't find the breads to be exceptional,and the macarons are also a bit too sweet for me. The cakes are the best menu from this pâtisserie I guess. The displays, however, are likely to help creating sweet dreams on your sleep.



Jl.Alam Sutera Boulevard Kav.6, Flavor Bliss Area No.7 

Phone : +62-21-53140400

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