Thursday, 17 November 2011

Churreria, Summarecon Mall Serpong

What's so different about this Spanish donut?

That's what crossed my mind when I witness the hype about this place. Well, the excitement kinda grows on me, so I decided to try the long, spiky donuts at Churreria.

Churro is Spanish donut, which looks like a giant french fries sometimes. Churros aren't circular like the usual donuts, they're long and have spiky edges.

This branch of Churreria is quite new, located at the newest expansion of Summarecon Mall Serpong (SMS). The cafe certainly looks cozy, and I love the elegant decors.

Churerria in Summarecon Mall Serpong

Wooden props, brick walls, and dim light are the features of this cafe. That day the place was almost packed, but the brother and I got one table easily.

Restaurant setting: menu board, tall wooden chairs, the dining area

The menu is kinda confusing, I'd have spent more time reading it if I wasn't that curious about the churros. They offer three serving sizes of churros; churros clasic (4 churros and 1 dipping sauce), churros deluxe (6 churros and 2 dipping sauce), and churros fiesta (12 churros and 4 dipping sauce). The dipping sauce options are milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, and caramel. You'll also be asked if you want your churros sprinkled with icing sugar or cinnamon sugar.


As it was just two of us, we chose the churros deluxe with caramel and dark chocolate dipping sauces, sprinkled with icing sugar. The reason that I chose caramel dip was because I heard that this is the best sauce from here. And I thought sweet churros will pair well with slightly bitter dark chocolate.

The churros are firmer than the usual donuts. Crunchy outside, fluffy inside. Fresh and hot from the fryer, they have tangible oily scent, although in fact, they're only a wee bit oily. I don't think they really need the icing sugar, they are already good on their own.

The caramel dipping sauce is way too sweet to my liking. The churros plus icing sugar are already sweet enough, dipping them in caramel sauce is a bad idea for me. The dark chocolate however, is the perfect soul mate for the churros. Slightly bitter but still have a hint of sweetness, it doesn't overpower the real flavour of the churros. I wish they give me more of that sauce.

Churros deluxe (6 churros and 2 dipping sauce)- IDR 48,000 ($5.3)

We only ordered one drink, the summer tea. Served in a very cute jar-alike glass (do you notice that a lot of restaurants are using this kind of glass nowadays?) and accompanied with mini jug of liquid sugar, this is a great concoction to complement the fried snacks. It's fresh and sour at first, until the sugar is involved. The lemon juice taste is quite vivid, and I love nibbling on the chopped strawberries.

Summer tea (fresh four red fruit tea with a hint of lemon juice and topped with chopped berries) - IDR 30,000 ($3.3)

And they also give samples for passers-by. They fried mini churros and also provide the four dipping sauces.

I have to give credit for them, as they use clean looking oil to fry the Spanish donuts. All churros making are done here, on the open frying station, where the customers can watch how their churros are made. I'd love to have one of the churros dough shaper please.

Frying churros sample

Just because I am a nice daughter, I left some for the parents hehe. This takeaway box is so convenient! We ended up finishing the churros while doing window-shopping.

Takeaway churros

I will surely be back for more, especially to try some of the pretty looking desserts on their display. I'd love to try other drinks too.

Arrays of dessert

Now I understand why such excitement about the place.

Rating: 3/5 (Worth the try)
Hot, great churros, friendly service, cozy ambiance, but the price is a bit off putting.



Lv. 2 Summarecon Mall Serpong 2nd Mall
Jl. Boulevard Gaiding Serpong
Sentra Gading Serpong
Curug 15810


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  1. padahal di GI ada ya & deket banget sama kantor gw, tetep aja blon pernah cobain. abis temen2 gw ga ada yg tertarik hiks..sedangkan kalo makan sendiri emmmmm jadi agak pricey ga sih? soal nya ini kan termasuk cemilan yak. harus berusaha keras membujuk temen gw de haha

  2. @ urukyu: eehhm kalo makan sendiri jatoh" nya paling 50k, tp itu juga kalo pesen yg churrosnya cuma 4 hehehe.


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