Monday, 14 November 2011

Ayam Bakar Nathan (Nathan Grilled Chicken), Taman Palem - Jakarta

Okay, I know it doesn't look appealing.
Ayam bakar Nathan (grilled chicken)

But trust me, this is one of the best grilled chook I've ever had.

Being a sucker for anything fried, I don't eat many grilled chickens in my life. I've tasted some of the best, but I still prefer fried chickens. Ayam bakar Nathan (Nathan grilled chicken) has been well-known among friends, yet this is the first time for me to prove if their chicken is really worth the popularity. Housed just across a big supermarket, this street restaurant is hard to be missed, especially with the people queuing for their food and also the smoke wafting from the grill.

The street vendor

Oh BTW, please excuse the blurry pictures, as I didn't bring my heavy camera with me that day.

Like the other street restaurants, their tables and chairs are understated, it's obvious that they put more focus on the food.

Simple table and chairs

Maybe you wonder why I put a picture of boring sweet ice tea. The reason is, I'm intriqued that they still use white sugar in this tea (as you can see on the bottom of the glass), unlike the most restaurants that use liquid sugar.

Sweet ice tea - IDR 2,500 ($3.6)

This is what we ordered: two grilled chickens (you can choose the cut, breast or leg) - IDR 10,000 ea ($1.1 ea); two grilled tofus and one grilled tempe (fermented soy bean cake) - IDR 1,000 ea ($0.1 ea), and one bowl of sayur asem (sour veggie soup) - IDR 3,000 ($0.3).

The grilled chicken, tofu, and tempe are served together, along with lalapan (fresh raw veggie) and sambal (chilli sauce).

The chicken is definitely top notch, still hot, juicy and wonderfully succulent. It's easily fall of the bone. The marinade sauce tastes similar like satay sauce, it's charred and perfectly caramelized, forming thin yet tasty crust. The grilled tofu and tempe is also really good, they are flavorsome, but I prefer the tofu. The raw veggies (lalapan) provide bland freshness, perfectly paired with the savoury chicken and his friends. The chilli sauce is really spicy, totally NOT recommended for those with low tolerance level of chilli.

My complete meal (rice, one grilled chicken, grilled tempe, and sayur asem)

The sayur asem (sour veggie soup) is surprisingly good too, although served lukewarm. It's tasty and I love the sweet corn chunks.

Sayur asem (sour veggie soup) - IDR 3,000 ($0.3)

The grilling process is done on the spot, promising fresh and juicy grilled chicken.

Grilling chicken

Now I'll say that they really deserve the popularity. With great grilled menus and wallet friendly prices, I don't mind having my dinner here anytime.

Rating: 3.5/5 (Really worth the try)
Great grilled chicken, service OK, open environment (street hawker stall), price very affordable. The street restaurant can be off putting for some people, but the chicken is really great.



Across Superindo supermarket,
Jl. Permata Taman Palem Block C-01

Taman Palem, Jakarta

Phone: (021) 9318 4104

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  1. Alamak Ayam Bakar Nathan, kulitmu yg setengah gosong itu mengalihkan duniaku.

  2. @ Ruby: LOLs! very well said! :)

  3. pagi2 liat postingan ini bikin ngiler aja de >.< demen sama ayam bakar. apalagi sama sayur asemm yum2


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