Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snack, Emporium Mall - Jakarta

Does a view of huge fillet of chicken being cut with scissors make you curious?

Well it does for me. I have gone pass few Shihlin stalls, and watching the huge chicken fillets cut with scissors and doused with seasoning never failed to amuse me.

So the menus from Shihlin are inspired from popular snacks in Taiwan, China. They have branches in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

The menu is various, starting from the most popular XXL crispy chicken, crispy floss egg crepe, to the handmade oyster mee sua.

Top-bottom: Shihlin stall at Emporium Mall, the menu board

I'd love to try all, but I was rather full that day, and the crispy chicken was all I wanted. The serving is unique, using small paper bag. They also provide bamboo skewers to be used when savouring the deep fried goodness.

Paper bags and skewers

The chicken fillets are, indeed, jumbo. The fryer is beside the cashier, so it's easy to watch the crew frying the fillets. He looked busy enveloping the fillets with white batter, and then throwing them into deep fryer. It took approximately 5 mins for the fillets to be cooked perfectly. I wonder what kind of batter is used, as the skin looks brittle and dotty, almost like blisters.

Fresh from the fryer chicken fillets

The piping hot fillet is then put onto a metal tray, doused generously with salt, pepper, and chilli powder. We can choose whether we want ours to be hot, medium hot, or mild. Then it's cutting time, where the fillet is cut with scissors into bite size. A bit tossing is performed, and then the cut fillet is put into the paper bag.

Clockwise L-R: chicken fillets being fried, seasoning the fillet, cutting it with scissors, put the cut fillet in the paper bag

The smell floating from the bag is absolutely mouthwatering.

The bag

The chicken fillet is awesome. Juicy, succulent, and still hot. The skin is also delicious and gloriously crunchy, the seasoning makes it very flavoursome. The spiciness is a welcomed surprise, I thought it won't be that spicy. Yummy.

XXL crispy chicken - IDR 24,000 ($2.6)

Oh BTW, don't be fooled by the size. Although it looks huge, I can easily demolish one by myself. And I think it's too tasty to be shared too hehee.



Level 4 Emporium Pluit Mall (Food Court)
Jl. Pluit Selatan Raya, CBD Pluit area, Block S - 6
Jakarta 14440

Phone: (021) 6667 6575
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  1. I wonder why the do it with scissors, maybe its slightly safe and saves on needing the extra space to cut it?
    Looks like juicy crunchy chicken. The best thing about it would be the natural ingredients, I doubt there's any MSG in their flavours! :)

  2. @ Apple: I reckon using scissors will do the cutting faster, and they do the cutting on a rather small tray so yeah maybe that's why hehee. It's juicy and crunchy indeed, but I'm not sure at all about the non-MSG part lol :p

  3. Haha, I'm definitely used to seeing various street snacks cup using scissors in Asia! You don't need a chopping board so the food doesn't slip and hot food is much easier to handle with a pair of tongs and scissors. And, as you said, I wonder what sort of batter they use to get that surface?

  4. @ Rita: very well said! yes Asian (especially Indonesian) street snacks are often cut with scissors instead of knife and chopping board. I wonder too, all I could see was a huge bucket with some kind of white batter inside.


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