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Pisang Goreng Kalimantan AA (Kalimantan Deep Fried Bananas), Taman Palem - Jakarta

Some say that Kalimantan fried banana is the best
Kalimantan fried banana

..and I totally agree.

These fried bananas are different with the normal ones. They have great fragrance of sweetness that successfully lure me everytime time I pass by this fried banana stall.

There's one smaller stall nearer to home, but their fried bananas are nothing compared to these ones. This AA Kalimantan fried banana stall is located at Taman Palem food court, I am sure that you won't miss the bright green and red banner.

Pisang Goreng AA stall

Nowadays Kalimantan (Indonesian portion of Borneo) fried banana stalls have made appearance at many places. Maybe you've your own fav fried banana stalls, but mine is surely this. And I've even heard that Pontianak people (the capital city of West Borneo) have kaya (or srikaya) fried bananas, which are fried bananas eaten with kaya jams/spread. That'd be awesome I reckon, I'd love to try it.

This stall here offers great fried bananas, and also others fried snacks such as onde-onde (fried sesame dumplings with mung bean filling), spring rolls, and gandasturi (fried mung bean fritters). They all look appetizing, but it's the fried bananas I'm there for.

Fried things display (fried bananas, gandasturi, spring rolls, onde-onde)

Before purchasing, I asked permission to take some photos and the men were all very friendly and permitted me to take photos. I thought they even look excited.

The stall isn't big, yet there were at least 6 people working there. Two of them were peeling bananas, one was deep frying, one was collecting the fresh fried bananas, and two were tending the customers.

Peeling bananas

It's like a pool of oil. It's really hot to standing close to the wok, let alone working with it. It's rather fascinating for me to watch the bananas being fried though, the man frequently spreading the liquid batter using his hands to make crunchy flakes.

Deep frying

Then the golden brown deliciousness are collected to put on the display. This stall is really popular, so they never stop frying because they do not put many fried bananas on display. If they're put on the display too long, they'll get soggy.

I actually prefer it very much if the man collects the fried bananas using tongs though hehee.

Collecting fried bananas

And here you have it! Crunchy, sweet, and not-at-all oily fried bananas. They're uber crispy, and the banana is very sweet and supple (is that the right word?). I also notice that the way they make the banana fan-shaped is different than the other Kalimantan fried bananas, here they cut the banana into thin layers too. Bite it, and you can see the very thin layers of banana hidden beneath the thin, crunchy batter.

These fried bananas are indeed different form the rest; they're more crunchy, much much less oily, and more fragrant than the ones I've had before. I reckon adding kaya spread/jams will make it even better hmm.

Fried bananas - IDR 3,000 each ($0.3 ea)

So that's my type of perfect fried bananas. What's yours?



Pujasera Taman Palem (Taman Palem food court)
Jalan Taman Palem Lestari

[EDIT  12/12/13]

New address: 

Taman Palem Lestari Blok E-10 No. 90
Cengkareng - West Jakarta

Phone: 021 5595 2627 

Opening hours: 12 p.m. - 11 p.m.

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  1. Hi Irene... Thanks for posted those information. I love it. Are you still in Jakarta? I'm waiting your new post and enjoy your holiday in Jakarta. cu....

    1. Hi Minty,

      thank you very much for dropping by and sorry for the late reply. I'm currently in Australia right now. All the best for you, cheers! :)


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