Sunday, 30 October 2011

Nan Xiang Jasmine Tea

Oh no this is not seaweed.
Drained Tea of Fortune jasmine tea

It's tea actually.

What's better than warm tea to sip on while it's raining heavily outside? I've been waiting so long for the dropping temperature, for the earthy smell after the rain stops, but I wasn't waiting for the flood on the streets.

Anyway the uncle had brought me one pack of Nan Xiang Jasmine Tea from China. The pack includes 9 small boxes of tea, or maybe I should say flower tea. The tea is unique, each one containing one flower which will bloom in hot water. I've seen this kind of tea before in other food blog posts, this tea is served at restaurants, apparently.

Nan Xiang Jasmine Tea box

I tried 5 packs of the tea, picking the five most interesting looking flowers. And BTW, I saved the best for the last.

Small tea packs

1. Tea of Fortune Jasmine Tea

Tea of Fortune  jasmine tea

I tried this one first, but maybe I made the tea in a wrong way, as the flower didn't bloom like the one pictured on the pack. And I am sorry if the flower inside the glass isn't clear, I probably used a glass too small that the flower can't blossom properly.

Clockwise L-R: the pack, alien-looking dried tea, in hot water, the flower starts blooming

2. Flower and Butterfly Love Jasmine Tea

Flower and Butterfly Love jasmine tea

The flower bloomed much more than the first one, showing orange wide-petal flower. But it looked totally different than the picture.

The pack

Clockwise L-R; dried tea, in hot water, the flower starts blooming


3. Seven Stars with Moon Jasmine Tea

Seven Stars with Moon jasmine tea

I love this one, as the tall, yellow flower looks simple yet pretty.

The pack

Clockwise L-R: dried tea, in hot water, flower starts blooming


4. Pretty Girl Jasmine Tea

Pretty Girl jasmine tea

The name suits the flower perfectly, it does look like a pretty girl no? This one's quite tall, I love how the pink flower is flanked by the humble-looking white flowers.

Clockwise L-R: the pack, dried tea, flower starts blooming in hot water


5. Madam Lotus Jasmine Tea

Madam Lotus jasmine tea

Doesn't look much different than the Pretty Girl one, does it? They are pictured differently, but I didn't see much difference, except that there are more white-yellow flowers on this one. This is the best-looking one! I love the colour, as this one's the most vibrant among the 4 others.

The pack

Clockwise L-R: dried tea, in hot water, blooming flower


I can't say much about the taste though. I believe every pack tastes the same, as the tea is much likely comes from the green leaves, not the flower. Did you see white strings binding the leaves on the bottom part? Seeing that, I wonder if they just bind the leaves and the flower tightly and dried them. Maybe that's why the various flowers don't give any difference in terms of flavour.

Having say that, I would say that I love the taste. It's actually fragrant, slightly bitter, but very enjoyable to drink. I waited for about 15 mins do the tea would be extracted perfectly.

I still have 4 packs left and I'm sure I'll make them soon enough.

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  1. wuiii diriku pendatang baru nih..ampe lapar lagi liat blognya... :D

  2. @ monic: hai! makasih ya udah mampir disini :)


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