Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Food Disaster - Layered Jelly with Crushed Cookies

I need help here.

So here's the story. The brother had been asking me to make him pudding, but I'm too lazy to do it. When I finally did it, it turned out to be disaster, and I just need some suggestions about how to make this thing happens.

Well anyway HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone! We don't celebrate Halloween here in Indo, and I've also never been at a Halloween celebration, but I've seen and read hundreds of Halloween scenes in movies and books. I reckon celebrating Halloween is gonna be fun actually. as this is Halloween, I present you the most terrifying food I've ever made lol. SOS!

I actually planned to make layered jelly with crushed cookies. I saw the jelly ads on TV, and I thought maybe combining slippery jelly with crunchy cookies will be great. I saw how they make it on the ads, and I thought that's so simple I'll make it.

So I used one pack chocolate jelly (Nutrijell), and I crushed some chocolate chips cookies. I made the jelly, put half of it into the mould, and waited until it was half-set. Then I put the crushed cookies on top, and then poured the rest of the jelly and let it set.

Clockwise L-R: the pack of jelly and cookies, crushed cookies, pouring jelly liquid on top of crushed cookies, letting it set

You can see that apparently I didn't use enough jelly as the top part doesn't cover the cookies layer completely.

Jelly on the mould

I was expecting beautiful layers of slippery jelly combined with crunchy chocolate chips cookies. Yet I found that the cookies are utterly soggy and the texture is soapy. It is too sweet too, as I forgot to ditch some sugar on the jelly. And the bro said it feels like a dodgy pancake. I made the jelly exactly like they did it on the ads, but I still didn't get it right. That makes me wonder if maybe that's how it supposed to be like? But it's horrible! I don't want soggy, soapy cookies in the middle of too sweet jelly!

Terrible layered jelly

So does any of you know if a layer of crunchy cookies can be put in the middles of jelly? Is it even possible for them to stay crunchy after being poured with hot jelly liquid? Some one help me pleasseeeee.

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  1. wahh g juga ngelihat iklan mereka ditv, udah ngiler pengen bikin, tapi blm sempat, cookiesnya jadi soggy yah? humm, sprtnya cookiesnya musti dilapisi dg melted chocolate dulu biar ga soggy and ga meresap cairan dari jellynya

  2. @ anakjajan: iya ni iklannya bikin ngiler. hahaha. tp iya, biskuitnya jd lembek-lembek yucky haha. iya si ya, pasti tetep crunchy kalo pake coklat dulu, tp pasti nanti jadinya manis sekali itu jelly. mending pake pudding aja kali ya. anyway thanks ya suggestionnya! :D


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