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Bakmi Bangka Aon (Aon Bangka Noodles), Jakarta

I am an easily-pleased person.
Aon Bangka-style noodles

A bowl of firm noodles with tasty seasoning and tender chicken chunks on top, completed with spicy chilli sauce can already make me feel content. Especially when it's Bangka-style noodles.

Having a dad who was born in Bangka (a small island in Sumatra) really influences my tongue. I have eaten a lot of Bangka's traditional food, and I love it. Bangka noodles is my most fav, no other kind of noodles will make me look away.

The noodles from this restaurant does the same effect to me. I've only dined here once, a long time ago. And apparently this is the brother's fav Bangka noodles. I already forgot the taste, so it's great to try it again.

Bakmi Bangka Aon cart

I'm not sure if the place can be called a restaurant actually. The dining area is on the first level of their own house, providing only 7 medium-size tables and simple stools. It's not exactly my idea of comfortable dining, as the house is located near a railway, where the noise from passing trains and honking horns from the cars stuck in traffic jams are inevitable. And the high humidity of Jakarta doesn't help either.

Also, the place is really popular among the people around, so it's truly packed. Some even decided to do takeaways instead of dining in because the tables were all occupied. From what I heard, this noodle restaurant has been serving since 1970.

Since the owner is a Bangkanese, they also sell original Bangka snacks, such as getas (fish crackers from Bangka), tahu cao (traditional fried tofu from Bangka), and so on.

Top-bottom: diners enjoying their noodles on simple table, kerupuk (crackers) for sale

The noodle making process is done on the big, blue cart in front of the dining area. The only chef is the owner himself, guarantying the real kind of Bangka-style noodles.

The cart is completed with two big pots to boil the noodles, few strainers and bowls of the noodles condiments.

Noodles making bench

I was really happy to discover two different types of chilli sauce provided, the mild sambal tauco (tauco chilli sauce; tauco is fermented soya bean paste) and the spicy chilli sauce.

The tauco chilli sauce is almost like Bangka's signature sauce, with unique fragrant and earthy sweetness. I believe that this tauco chilli sauce is obtained by mixing the paste with chilli sauce. And the result is watery yet tasty sauce, with some mini chunks of soy beans. I won't believe if a Bangka noodle stall serve their noodles without this tauco sauce.

Top-bottom: two jars of chilli sauce, the tauco chilli sauce

A bowl of noodles also includes blanched Chinese spinach and beansprout, minced chicken, chopped shallots, and pinches of pepper. I had one with a bowl of wonton soup.

The noodles are very tasty. They're perfectly cooked and seasoned, and the chicken chunks are greatly tender and juicy. This is truly a bowl of Bangka noodles, there's something special about the smell and the taste. Even better with spoons of tauco chilli sauce.

Bakmi Bangka (Bangka noodles) with three wontons - IDR 15,000 ($1.6)

The wontons are good too, the soup is hot and tasty as well.

Wonton soup

The noodles are really great, I can see why it's so popular. But I have to say that this is not my favourite. However, if you're looking for some real Bangka noodles, this place is a good choice.

Rating: 3/5 (Worth the try)
Authentic Bangkanese noodles, price and service OK, environment can be very humid and super noisy.



Jln. Hadiah no 17
Jelambar, Grogol
Jakarta 11460

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  1. i love bakmi done like that! too bad it's in indonesia =( will have to satisfy my craving in indo restaurants in sydney instead...

  2. @ excusemewaiter: me too! but i doubt there's bakmi stall like this in sydney :(

  3. Well, my mom & dad are from Bangka too, and Mr. Aon used to sell noodles di gerobak gitu, keliling di kompleks sekitar rumah gw dl, tapi sejak dia buka di Jelambar itu malah ga pernah makan, hehe.

    His brother used to noodle too nearby my house, too bad he moved to Gading area.

  4. OMG !!!! Gw bukan orang Bangka, tapi doyannn banget bakmi bangka begini..gileeeee ngiler abis liat foto nya!!!!! Sayang, jauh banget dari rumah gw.

  5. @ Niya: ooo gitu, dia dulu di gerobak toh. yang punya adenya pernah nyobain ga? sama enaknya ga ya tuh? anw thanks for the info :D

    @ urukyu: hehehe, emang paling enak bakmi bangka itu hehe. emang di deket rumah ga ada yg jual bakmi bangka? :)

  6. irene,ada sih yang jual. cuman tetep aja kalo liat penampakan foto di atas jadi ngiler abis haha. tertarik sama sambel nya tuh >.<

    kadang suka delivery juga kok mie bangka, jadi pengen hihi

  7. How about Bakmi Ko Hon Toboali? they said it's tasted very authentic.

    1. Where is it? Thanks for the info and thanks for dropping by, KIM! :D


      sederetan bakmi Alok Greenville, sama ada cabang di Gading

    3. Thanks a lot, KIM! I really appreciate it :)
      to my bucket list it goes!

  8. Hi Irene thanks for the review. I'm Stephani. My mom and dad are also from Bangka and I am proud to say that our family are the ones who supply the noodle... You know... the uncooked one hehe... And Aon is not selling noodle anymore now, his brother Afui replaces him... There were three brothers... one already passed away and Aon now is not feeling well.


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