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XO Suki, Puri Indah Mall - Jakarta

I need comfort food for the upcoming rainy days..
The hot pot

..which I know will come soon. Although rainy season in Indonesia is nothing like winter in Sydney (it's almost like summer in Sydney but with some rain), it'd feel great to have comfort food to offset the slight temperature drop. I reckon shabu-shabu is a great one.

The rain hasn't come often now, but we decided to try XO Suki in Puri Indah Mall. Now, I don't really know why they named the restaurant with the word suki, because as far as I know, suki is sukiyaki which is kinda like Japanese food where we grill beef and other ingredients on a shallow pot. XO Suki, however, offer hot pots, which is kinda like shabu-shabu. So I think maybe they mean Thai suki? The Thai style of hot pot, which also involves spicy sauce called sukiyaki. Or maybe I just overthink it.

XO Suki exterior

The restaurant's quite packed when we arrived. The dining area is neat, there's a hot pot on every table. The downside about the restaurant is that they have a lot of waiters/waitresses, like seriously there are so many of them. It's kinda disturbing for me, it feels like the restaurant is very crowded with the crews.


I never pay attention of the price of suki restaurant before, so I don't really know the standard prices of this kind of restaurant. I think the price is here quite high. Again, I don't know the standard, so have a judge yourself  (1 AUD = IDR 9,000).

The price list

There are a lot to choose, but I wish they have more ingredients options. They only have two display shelves of ingredients.

The jellyfish looks interesting, I actually wanted to try, but no one would share with me so I'm kinda afraid that I can't finish one plate by myself.

Top-bottom: prawns galore, jelly fish
Dumplings galore; seafood (including fresh sliced salmon)

I don't really remember all the ingredients my mom took, but I can assure you that the ones with enoki mushrooms are the best. And I am confused with the glue. What's the fish and seafood glue supposed to be used for?

Prawn enoki, beef galore, fish and seafood glue (?)

We were given two kinds of soup; the chicken broth and tom yum soup. I love the tom yum soup more, as it has medium level of spiciness and refreshing zingy kick. The chicken broth needed some tweaking (some sweet and sour sauce and soy sauce) to make it flavorsome.

The hot pot, putting things into the hot pot

They also provide three kinds of condiments; fried and raw chopped garlic which is really great for the soup, soy sauce with sliced bird eye chillies, and delicious sweet and sour sauce.

Top-bottom: steaming soup;soy sauce with chopped bird eye chillies,sweet and sour sauce, fried and raw garlic

The lemon ice tea I ordered was not as sweet as I wanted it to be, it's refreshing but rather tasteless.

Lemon tea

So this is my first bowl. You can see that I got some kind of tofu, enoki wrapped in fish cake, and some udon. Oh how I heart the udon. The deliciously chewy, slippery udon. Yum. As I said, the fish cake with enoki is one of the best, I love the firm texture from the fish cake paired with the crunchy enoki.

My first bowl

The second bowl got another kind of silky smooth fish cake, and another enoki wrapped in fish cake.

Second bowl

The third bowl includes more lovely udon, a tofu with chicken filling (which is really great), and enoki wrapped in sliced beef. The sliced beef with enoki is another winner for me, as the beef is juicy and tender, and the enoki makes everything better.

Third bowl

Moving on to dessert now. I love the display of puddings, they are so pretty. I thought we are welcome to take anything we want from the display, but apparently we are only to choose from the display and then order the pudding from the waiter.

I have to admit that I've never been a big fan of pudding. Or jellies. I never really like them (Roo always thinks that it is ludicrous that I always choose the strong-smelled durian instead of harmless puddings), but I still love to see the lovely colours. The price range of the puddings is around IDR 15,000 - IDR 20,000 ($1.6 - $2.2).

Pudding galore

The uncle said that they have the best coconut pudding, so we gave it a try. I haven't eaten many coconut puddings in my life, but this is indeed the best coconut pudding I've ever tasted.

It arrived in clever presentation, in small coconut shell. It's velvety smooth, not overly sweet and the coconut flavour is strong. However, I don't feel sick eating this, and I love that they left the coconut flesh on the shell and give a few cubes of nata de coco (coconut cubes) on top. The combination of the textures really spoils my tongue.

Coconut pudding

The coffee pudding the brother ordered has a very strong taste of coffee. It's kinda bitter, too bitter for not-a-coffee-lover like me. It has four layers, two of them are coffee and the other two are chocolate. The nuttiness from crushed nuts on top goes excessively well with the bitterness of the pudding.

Coffee pudding

The complimentary lychee and strawberry puddings were accepted gleefully on the table. I don't like it very much as the strawberry syrup on top is way too sweet for me, although I know it's supposed to compensate the not-really-sweet lychee pudding. The uncle suggested to crush the pudding in order to mix the syrup with it, and after that they found the pudding good. Except me.

Lychee and strawberry pudding

There's something great about a warm, hearty hot pot in rainy days. Anyway, good food makes everybody happy, right?

Rating: 3.5/5 (Really worth the try)
The half rating is given for the delicious coconut pudding. Broths & dipping sauce are good, good ambiance and helpful service although can be a bit slow when busy. Price is acceptable.



Lv. 1 Puri Indah Mall
No. 103. Jl. Puri Agung 75 B
Puri Indah, Jakarta 

Phone: 021 582 2487
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  1. Mmm coffee pudding. Exactly what I need right now!

  2. coconut pudding & coffee pudding nya menggiurkan deh :)
    kaya nya kalo shabu2 yang kuah nya tom yum memang lebih segar ya. waktu itu makan di shabu slim juga enakan yang tom yum nya

  3. @Apple: lol! :D

    @urukyu: coconut pudding nya enak, coffee puddingnya agak tralu pait gitu hehe. iya, kalo yang ayam lebih tawar gitu biasanya. :)


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