Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Saung Serpong, Tangerang

Everyone has their own favourite seafood..

..and for me, it got to be bamboo clams. I love the chewy texture, but the sauce they are cooked in matters too.

So my dad has found a seafood restaurant in Serpong, and he just couldn't wait to try it. The restaurant looks rather big, but actually I am more curious about the neighbor, Garry's Kopitiam. I hope I'll try it soon.

Saung Serpong has two large dining area, the indoor and the outdoor. The outdoor's more interesting, surrounded with pretty flowers and there's a live band area in the middle of the park.

Top-bottom: the restaurant, the garden inside

I personally love the facilities and the decor. They have small three-wheels carts (becak) ready to ride. I didn't because I was wearing skirt, there's no way I could ride this. There are also pretty birds in cages too, and the lanterns are also nice.

Clockwise L-R: the menu, small three-wheels cart, the open dining area

They specialize in Indonesian food and seafood. Indeed, there are a lot kind of seafood to choose, and for appetizer we ordered tahu bom or bomb tofu. They are normal fried tofu, but filled with carrots, beansprout, and some kind of hot gravy. They're delicious and gloriously crunchy.

Tahu bom (bomb tofu) - IDR 25,000 ($2.8)

Wheee here's the highlight! Kerang bambu saus Padang or bamboo clams in Padang style spicy sauce was a clear winner. The clams are not too chewy, they're enjoyable to eat. They're generously given too, and the sauce is superb. Typical Padang style sauce, it's spicy but not enough to make me sweat. Nonetheless it's very delicious. Very recommended.

Kerang bambu saus Padang (bamboo clams in Padang style spicy sauce) - IDR 27,500 ($3.05)

Cumi goreng tepung or deep fried crumbed calamari is good, but nothing really special. They're very crunchy, although I don't think they're to be eaten with bottled spicy sauce. I'd much prefer to eat them with chilli paste or chopped chilies in soy sauce.

Cumi goreng tepung (deep fried crumbed calamari) - IDR 30,500 ($3.4)

The gurame rica Manado or snapper with Manado style rica sauce was another favourite on the table, although I think the fish is a bit overcooked. The chilli paste spread all over is devilishly spicy but moreish. I'd love to have this kind of chilli paste everyday with my rice.

For your info (in case you didn't know), Manado and Padang are the best two parts in Indonesia where spiciness is totally guaranteed.

Gurame rica Manado (snapper with Manado style rica sauce) - IDR 43,900 ($4.8)

The veggies we ordered were okay, but nothing really stood out. Kangkung cah polos or stir fried kangkung is good, preferred eaten with the Manado chilli paste from the snapper.

Kangkung cah polos (stir fried kangkung) - IDR 13,000 ($1.4)

I don't really know the English name of this veggie, but it's called pucuk labu or pumpkin shoots here. The texture of this veggie is a bit firmer than kangkung, and it's pretty much tasteless if eaten raw. We had this pucuk labu cah terasi or stir fried pumpkin shoots with shrimp paste, which tastes good, but a bit undercooked. Having said that, I like this dish more than the kangkung one.

Pucuk labu cah terasi (stir fried pumpkin shoots with shrimp paste) - IDR 13,000 ($1.4)

Sayur asem or sour veggie soup is surprisingly good, perfectly seasoned and very refreshing.

Sayur asem (sour veggie soup) - IDR 6,500 (40.7)

Strangely, my honey dew juice came last. Isn't drink supposed to arrive before the food? It's just a normal melon juice, I really like it as it's not overly sweet.

Honey dew juice - IDR 11,000 ($1.2)

Not until the end of our meal we know that there's a chilli paste counter, where we can choose any kind of chilli sauce or paste and take them as our heart's content. I really HOPED the waiter told us about this when we first arrived. We were so full so we only took some young mango with chilli (sambal mangga).

Top-bottom:chilli sauce counter, young mango with chilli

I'm actually willing to go to this place again just for the bamboo clams. But on the second thought, I also want to find more places with great bamboo clams.

Rating: 3/5 (Worth the try)
Good seafood and there's free chilli sauce station, service OK, restaurant's environment is nice and unique, price OK.



Jl. Raya Serpong Km. 8 No. 2E-2F 

Phone: 021 53127102

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  1. I agree, often with clams it's all about the sauce especially ones with firmer flesh.

    And I must admit I've never seen pumpkin shoots before and, you're right, it does look quite a lot like kangkung!

  2. Indeed!
    Pumpkin shoots are great! they aren't rare here in Indonesia :)

  3. The place looks pretty nice, and the food looks tasty. But the price is a little too high for me, so I guess I'll pass this one.

    If you like seafood, you can try a...what do you say 'warung kaki lima' in English by the way? Forget that, the stall is placed on Daan Mogot Street, in the same road with Gereja Hati Santa Perawan Maria Tak Bernoda and Robinson, near a bridge over Cisadane River. The place's open after the sun set. The food's not expensive, but it tastes good. I forgot the name of the warung, though.

  4. indeed, you can't compare the price with the 'warung kaki lima' stalls obviously :)

    too bad you forget it. warung kaki lima sometimes got tastier food than restaurants!

  5. Yeah, it's too bad that I don't remember it very clearly. I think it's "Ikan Bakar 88" or something like that.


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