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Pancious Pancake House, Taman Anggrek Mall - Jakarta

Everybody loves fluffy, fragrant pancakes..
Coco berry pancake

..I think. Well I do. That's why I am so glad I finally got to try this pancake specialist restaurant.

Pancious is a popular pancake house, it's like Jakarta's "Pancakes on The Rocks", and I've seen dozens reviews about them from foodblogs. I notice that this place is quite hip now, it seems to me that most teenagers nowadays are really interested in pancakes. I don't know why until I dined here. They have many branches now, but I dined at the one in Taman Anggrek Mall.


Apparently they have two dining area. The one I chose was much smaller, it has wood-flooring and some tree branches inside. Interesting.

Clockwise L-R: interior, the usher, tree branches inside the dining

As maybe most of you have already known, Pancious offers pancakes as main menu, both sweet and savoury pancakes. They also have pasta, steaks, burgers, and so on. The pancakes options were really vary, I got dizzy choosing one.

Clockwise L-R: menu, original pancake picture, ice cream options, wet tissue

The thing that really thrilled me here was this little glass jar of parmesan. Or parmesan powder. I've been missing this stuff so bad. Pizza Hut used to have parmesan on the tables but they don't provide them anymore. I got crazy when I see this jar with pale-yellow powder inside. The jar of chilli flakes also looks good no?

Clockwise: cutlery, parmesan powder, chilli flakes

This is mojito ice tea. It's my uncle's but I love it so much. It's like sweet ice tea, but with great freshness of mint and some zing from lemon. I mourn for not ordering another glass for myself.

Mojito ice tea

Like I said, I was having a hard time choosing the menu. I finally decided to have pancakes as dessert, and try their other specialties first. As it is recommended, I settled for hot tuna pasta. It's stir fried pasta with tuna chucks, some chilli, onion, tomato, and parsley.

It arrived in a very simple presentation, yet smelled really delicious and spicy. It successfully whetted my appetite. The tuna chucks are generously given, although the pasta is a little bit on the dry side. Nonetheless, it is top notch, I wouldn't mind having this anytime soon.

Hot tuna pasta (tuna chunks, chilli, tomato, onion, and parsley) - IDR 48,000 ($5.3)

The pasta was not as spicy as I hoped, so here is where the chilli flakes took their part. And the parmesan too of course. I literally wrapped every strand of the pasta with parmesan, I even opened the jar and pour the parmesan out of it. Told ya I got crazy. The parmesan and the chilli flakes made my pasta even better.

The pasta after "some" parmesan and chilli flakes added

The crispy chicken burger was my bro's. It's also impressive, with the lightly crumbed, deep fried chicken being very crunchy and juicy. The panini bread is also soft. Everything works really well together, but my bro wished that more fries are given.

Crispy chicken burger (deep fried chicken fillet, with a slice of cheese, tomato and mayo on panini bread) - IDR 44,500 ($4.9)

The salmon steak arrived after almost 30 mins of wait. Luckily it's cooked perfectly, pinkish in the middle and juicy. The marinade is great too, there was some spiciness there. The fat, crunchy fries provide a great accompaniment.

Salmon steak (grilled salmon served with eggplant, tomato, zucchini, chilli, and coriander) - IDR 105,000 ($11.6)

Now for the dessert. At first I was wondering about how good their pancakes would be. Then the uncle ordered opera pancake (one stack), and after I had one bite, I knew I'm in for a delicious ride.

The opera was awesome. The pancake itself is fluffy and smells really good. It's warm, so it works really well with the cookies and cream ice cream. The coffee and caramel fudge are nothing but a pure bliss, and I found them not to be overly sweet. The almonds add a welcome crunch.

And oh, cookies and cream ice cream costs IDR 5,000 ($0.5) more than the vanilla and chocolate ones.

Opera pancake one stack (pancake or waffle, one scoop of homemade ice cream, coffee fudge, caramel fudge, and almonds) - IDR 27,500 ($3) coco berry pancake (one stack) is even better. It consists of one fluffy, fragrant pancake, one scoop of cookies and cream, sliced strawberries, and chocolate fudge.

Super scrumptious. That's how I describe it. Although it only has one type of fudge, it doesn't make my pancake less delicious than the opera. The fudge is luscious, not overly thick or sweet. I love making the pancake to soak the fudge. The strawberries give a great sweet-sour element, they work excessively well with all of the fluffiness of the pancake and the softness of the ice cream.

Coco berry pancake one stack (pancake or waffle, one scoop homemade ice cream, strawberry, and chocolate fudge) - IDR 29,500 ($3.3)

Well, I guess I know why people love pancake house now. Personally, I am going to get some great pancakes again soon. Real soon.

Rating: 4/5 (Recommended)
Exquisite pancakes and Western menus, really good and clean ambiance, service is OK although quite slow, price is a bit high.



Taman Anggrek Mall Lv. 3
Jln. Letjen S. Parman, Slipi
West Jakarta

Phone: 021 5639130
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