Saturday, 10 September 2011

Klepon, The Popping Balls [Recipe]

Told ya I'd make them.

And in case you don't know what klepon is, please refer to my older post about it.

Yeah I finally made them and satisfied my craving. It's pretty easy, you don't need to touch the oven. I use the recipe on my previous post, but I switched the pandan paste with the real pandan leaves. My dad's garden got heaps of them, why not use it?

So I use my blender to crush the leaves, and then strain the juice using a fine sieve. The pandan juice was very dark green, so I was optimistic my klepon will have a great green colour.

Crushed pandan leaves

And here's a tip about crushing your brown sugar. Make sure you bang the sugar really good, because if the sugar inside the klepon is too big, it won't melt and you won't have the popping sensation. That's what we are looking for, right?

Chopped brown sugar

Look at my dough! It's kinda pale, isn't it? I guess I should've used more pandan leaves.

Klepon skin dough

After make the balls you just need to boil them. Make sure you put the balls into the pot right away, because if you rest the balls or put them somewhere (e.g. plate, bowl,or chopping board), they may stick to the place and you'll have a hard time 'saving' them.

Another tip is not to overstuff the sugar inside and make sure you make the balls properly or they'll pop in the bowl. I might have overstuffed them a bit. A bit.

I also made a few balls to thin so they broke in the pot. My bad.

Boiling the balls

Wait until they float, and then you can roll them on the shredded coconut. Don't put too much salt or the saltiness will overpower the taste of the balls.

My klepons taste good, although there are some whose sugar haven't melted, and some whose skins are too thick. But overall I am satisfied with the result.

The final product

I don't know about you, but I am positive that these popping balls are just my cup of tea.

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  1. it's look very delicious nyam nyam nyam


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