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Kwetiau Sapi Achai, Jakarta

Delicious 'glue' is what you'll get here.
Kwetiau bun (fried rice noodles with gravy)

Yes, glue. Super delicious glue.

Kwetiau Achai, which only has two branches, is my favourite place to get great rice noodles. Although some competition rice noodles restaurants have emerged, I think this one's still the most popular.

Kwetiau Achai - Citra 2

The branch in Citra 2 complex is smaller than the one on Daan Mogot road. Nothing really special about the interior, but during lunch and dinner time you may find that almost all of the blue stools are occupied by hungry diners.

Their kitchen is an open one, outer part of the restaurant. They use big woks, and there are also baskets containing seafood, meatballs, beef slices, beef tripe etc. 

Clockwise L-R: interior, condiments, baskets of seafood, meatballs, and sliced beef

Don't get fooled, the otak-otak (grilled fish cake) is not complimentary. One plate will be delivered to our table, we may choose if we wanna eat it or not. They're good otak-otak, firm and tasty, but I usually leave them.

Otak-otak (grilled fish cake)

They specializes in kwetiau or rice noodles (obviously), but they also have noodles, vermicelli, and rice dishes. Two kinds of topping are offered; beef or seafood. For the beef, we can also choose if we want just the meat or with the tripe and sinew.

This one's very popular menu I reckon. Kwetiau siram (rice noodles with gravy) is one recommendation from the restaurant.It's stir fried rice noodles, accompanied by beef/seafood, beansprout, and choi sim (Chinese spinach) and drenched by thick gravy.

I don't really know what the gravy is made of, but I'm guessing cornstarch. It's thick and provides delicious adhesion for the strands of rice noodles. It's not everyday that you find delicious glue, right?

The rice noodles itself is cooked perfectly, the beef slices are tender, some fried garlic on top make this dish smells awesome, but it's the 'glue' that makes this dish unrivaled. I've tasted other restaurants's kwetiau siram, but not one even close to this one. I must admit that I wasn't convinced by the appearance of this dish at first. I am forever grateful that I tried it.

Kwetiau siram (rice noodles with gravy) - IDR 21,000 ($2.3)

This one's another favourite, the kwetiau goreng (fried rice noodles). As you may have inferred from the picture, it's a simple fried rice noodles, with beef/seafood, beansprout, and choi sim. Simple, but not ordinary. This is the best fried rice noodles I've ever tasted.

It has unique flavour, something that I don't find in other fried rice noodles. This dish smells terribly good, and it tastes superb. Everything works really well, and the rice noodles are firmer than the ones from kwetiau siram. Sometimes I have a hard time choosing between this and the kwetiau siram.

Kwetiau goreng (fried rice noodles) - IDR 21,000 ($2.3)

When I cannot choose between those two, I'm more than happy to have the combination of them. Kwetiau bun (fried rice noodles with egg gravy) is kinda like a fusion of kwetiau siram and fried rice noodles. The rice noodles are fried, and they're also covered with gravy, although not as heavily drenched like kwetiau siram. The gravy is different too I think, as this gravy uses eggs as ingredients. They're no eggs on the kwetiau siram's gravy.

The taste is better than the other too. At least for me. Although not the delicious glue, the egg gravy is nonetheless utterly delicious. The rice noodles are slippery and delectable, and the dish smells kinda the same with the fried rice noodles, though the oily fragrance is not as strong.

Kwetiau bun (fried rice noodles with egg gravy) - IDR 21,000 ($2.3)

And the other great thing is that they deliver. When I got bored with KFC or pizzas, I know definitely what number I'll call.

Rating: 4/5 (Recommended)
Super scrumptious rice noodles dishes, price is a bit high but still affordable, good and fast service, ambiance OK.



Citra Garden II, block H-2/12-A
Kalideres, Jakarta Barat

Phone (delivery): 021 619 8611
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