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Dapoer dan Rujak Honje, Sentul City - Bogor

At first, I thought 'honje' is just the name of the restaurant..

..until my mom said that 'honje' is actually a name of a flower. From a few research I found out that this restaurant uses honje flower in most of their food, including their sauce, marinade, and chilli paste.

We dined at this funny named restaurant in Sentul City, when our trip to Puncak was cancelled by a ridiculous traffic jam.

Dapoer and Rujak Honje

The place itself is actually comfy, diners may choose to dine indoor or outdoor. We chose outdoor cause it was kinda hot.

Chairs and table

Drinks are first to arrive, and as expected the dad ordered the hot tea. But this is no ordinary hot tea, this is Tong Tji tea, which has unique fragrance. The smell of the tea is really good, and for me it's best enjoyed with few blocks of sugar hehee.

Teh Tong Tji poci (Tong Tji hot tea)

Mine was es kelapa jeruk or orange juice with young coconut flesh. Tastes as refreshing as always, but a bit more sugar won't hurt I think.

Orange juice with young coconut flesh (es kelapa jeruk) - IDR 18,000 ($2)

So, back to the honje flower. It is called with many names, such as kecombrang, kincung, siantan, and kaalaa (Thai). The flower is pink in colour, the shape is similar with galangal. It is said that the seeds from the fruit give the sour taste, and the flower is often eaten as salad. Apparently, the Malaysian and Singaporean use this flower to make laksa. Hmm.

I was really curious how that flower tastes so I choose paket ayam honje or Honje chicken complete meal. The meal includes rice, a piece of honje-marinated chicken, fried tofu and tempe (fermented soya bean cake), fresh veggies, crunchy flakes, a dried salty squid and a bowl of sour veggie soup (sayur asem).

The honje marinade has a hint of sourness, but it also tastes sweet at the same time. It is tasty, and the chicken is also tender and juicy. The rest of the dish tastes ordinary, the chicken was the real highlight. However, I have to say that the sayur asem or sour veggie soup was my least fav part of the dish. It is strangely very sweet and sour. I wonder if they use too much tamarind or they put honje in it. It isn't enjoyable for me as the taste even lingers in my mouth.

Paket nasi ayam Honje (Honje chicken complete meal) - IDR 35,000 ($3.8)

I also love my mom's paket tutug oncom or tutug oncom complete meal. The rice in particular. For those who don't know oncom, it almost like tempe (fermented soy bean cake), but oncom is made by fermenting the soy beans until they produce spora.

So this tutug oncom rice is warm rice mixed with grilled oncom. Together, they make a great marriage; as the oncom gives unique savouriness but the rice dampens the taste of the oncom in some extent so they don't overpower each other.

Paket tutug oncom (tutug oncom complete meal) - IDR 35,000 ($3.8)

In case you are wondering, we all ordered the complete meals so we get the same side dishes. The differences are in the type of rice and/or the chicken marinade.

The father and brother chose the same dish: paket nasi timbel or timbel rice complete set. Nothing special with this one, but the fried chicken is perfectly cooked, crunchy and juicy. The rice is wrapped with banana leaves and shaped resembling a cylinder, because that's how nasi timbel supposed to be.

Paket nasi timbel (timbel rice complete meal) - IDR 35,000 ($3.8)

In the end of the meal, I saw a mini freezer with the words 'es lilin Njonja Besar' on it, and I know what I am having as desserts. Es lilin Njonja Besar is an old school brand, it's quite famous of the es lilin or candle-shaped ice cream.

I chose the chocolate one. It's a pity they don't have the chocolate with chocolate frosting. that's the best. It's as yummy as I remember it to be. And the bro took the soursop-flavoured one. I prefer my chocolate.

Es lilin Njonja Besar

The unpleasant lingering taste of the sour veggie soup aside, I am really glad we dined at this place. I got new taste vocab as I know how honje tastes like now.

Rating: 3/5 (Worth the try)
Quite good Indonesian menus, but the tutug oncom is exceptional. Great natural ambiance and view, service OK, price OK.



Taman Budaya, Jln. Siliwangi
Sentul City
Bogor 16810
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