Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Chatime, Puri Indah Mall - Jakarta

I was kinda surprised to find Chatime in Jakarta..
Chatime stall before I went to Sydney I never spotted any Chatime stall around. So I guess this is quite new.

So if you're not familiar with Chatime, I can reveal that this drink/Chinese bubble tea franchise is popular in Sydney, along with Easy Way, another drink/Chinese tea franchise. Originating from Taiwan, Chatime offers many kinds of tea that you can choose, starting from various options of milk tea to just the normal black tea. You may customize the sweetness and the amount of the ice of your tea too.

Menu board

There were few customers queuing at the counter in Puri Indah mall when I was there. Maybe not many known this bubble tea specialist yet.


I ordered my all time fav from Chatime, a regular Hawaii fruit tea. I had it with pearl just because they ran out of rainbow jelly. The taste is pretty much identical with the one I usually had in Sydney, but this one is a wee bit more sour.

Hawaii fruit tea (regular) with pearl - IDR 22,000 ($ 2.4)

Regarding to the price, this one is significantly cheaper than the one from Sydney. If I am not mistaken, a regular Hawaii fruit tea from Chatime Sydney costs me about 4-5 bucks.

Judging from their success in Sydney, I won't be surprised if they achieve the same popularity in Jakarta.



Ace Hardware Level G
Puri Indah Mall
Jl. Puri Indah Raya
West Jakarta 12310

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  1. If they open Easy Way in Jakarta, that would be nice as well. =D

  2. that's true!
    although for me, the taste between Easy Way-Chatime is somehow quite similar. :)

  3. I never find Chatime in Sydney though. How could I missed it. Is it anywhere near the CBD?

  4. Heaps branches in CBD, there are two branches near Chinatown alone, there's one at Central station, and many more. hehe


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