Saturday, 3 September 2011

Cemal Cemil, Sentul City - Bogor

It's interesting to see what people ate in the past.
Souvenirs cart

That's why I was so excited to visit Cemal Cemil, traditional snacks shop. I found this shop in Sentul, Bogor. I am not sure if this is a branch from the main shop in Kemang (South Jakarta) area, but the icon looks the same.

Cemal Cemil

This shop sells traditional snacks and old-fashioned toys. These snacks are the ones my grandma used to eat I reckon. Most of the snacks sold here are very rare nowadays. It's great to see them again.

As a decor, there was a sepeda onthel or old-fashioned bicycle which was first introduced by the Netherlands to Batavian (Jakarta people). Literally, sepeda means bicycle and onthel means pedal.

T-B: old school bike (sepeda onthel), traditional jars

And look at the pretty toys! I used to see kids playing these toys in the past, when I was still really young. I've never played monopoly so I bought a set here hehee.

Clockwise L-R: mini windmills, butterfly toys, kites, old-school monopoly

I was so thrilled to see the inflatable balloons. I used to play that all the time when I was still at primary school. I can't believe they sell it for IDR 4,500 ($0.5) a pack here, it used to be a mere IDR 500 ($ 0.05)!

Clockwise L-R: displays, small toys, inflatable balloons, the balloons stack

They really have a quite complete collection of traditional snacks. Including my fav chocolate wafer, the Superman chocolate wafer. I still eat it sometimes now.

Clockwise L-R: fried 'macaroni', popcorns, candies display, chocolate display

This one is also my fav, kue monas or Monas cookies. It is named after Jakarta's landmark, the National Monument or Monas, because they look like Monas's flame. They are actually just humble cookies, topped with colourful Monas's flame-shaped meringue. The meringue is far sweeter than the cookies, so they balance each other perfectly.

Kue monas

These sarsaparilla candies, I've never seen them before. My mom said these ones are good so I bought one to try. They do taste good, the sarsaparilla taste is good, but they are very sweet.

Sarsaparilla flavoured candies

Now here's a quite popular snack back then, the haw flakes. I don't know what's the Indo name, I just recall this candy as the sweet and sour, coin-shaped candies. Haw flakes look like coins, red in colour, the taste is sweet and sour. Apparently, they are made of the berries of hawthorn trees. These are so moreish. I can eat a full pack in no time.

Haw flakes

This milk candies are possibly my least fav, because I have issues with vanilla milk. And the candy has this paper-thin layer of jelly, which tastes like paper. I don't like eating paper eugh.

Permen susu (milk candies)

Of course there's the famous cigarettes candies! They are not cigarettes they are candies hehee.

Permen rokok (cigarettes candy)

The New York nougat (nougat candy) is my mom's fav, but I never tried them. If my memory serves right, they also have the paper-like jelly layers.

Nougat candies (nougat New York)

As promised, this place can really indulge my nostalgia with the rare snacks. Maybe having some of kue Monas in my pocket can decrease my consumption of the modern snacks (such as yummy and crunchy potato chips) for a few days hehee.



Taman Budaya Sentul City 
Sentul Selatan

Jl. Kemang Selatan I/20
Jakarta Selatan (South Jakarta)

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  1. numpang komen ya...btw baru tau itu nama nya kue monas. kue fav dari jaman waktu kecil hehe.... & fav gw yang lain nya yup itu si permen rokok. maka nya pas tau cemal cemil jualan permen rokok, seneng banget deh :D

    kalo ga salah di foodhall juga ada deh stand cemal cemil, sering liat yg di PI. tapi emang ga selengkap d toko nya langsung yah

  2. hai urukyu, thanks for stopping by. itu taunya juga karna di-Google dulu hehe. mungkin yg di Kemang malah lebih lengkap?


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