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Taman Safari Zoo, Cisarua - Bogor

I'm more into food than animals actually.
Clockwise L-R: feeding zebra, the zoo map, operation hours

But I accepted the offer to go to Safari Zoo, with 'maybe I'll find great food there' hopefulness in my head.

Taman Safari zoo is one of the most popular recreation spots in Bogor, or Puncak should I say. It's just an ordinary zoo, but personally, I think it has a plus score because there is a part where the visitors can see the animals (mostly herbivores) up-close. At that part, the animals are loose without any latch, so they can walk or run between the visitors' cars. The visitors can also feed the herbivores if they choose to. I reckon feeding them is one of the funnest thing you can do here.

The herbivores, such as zebras, lamas, buffaloes, and deer, are already used to the feeding from the visitors, so they will approach the cars, expecting for some carrots sticking out from the windows.

Hippos and the carrots for feeding

The hippos are massive, it was really interesting looking at their huge mouths. And there was this buffaloes with huge horns, we were afraid that they will scratch our car or something like that, but they walked really carefully. Nice.

Clockwise: luring a buffalo, buffalo close-shot, white lama, lamas running between the cars

We moved on to the lions and tigers area, where opening windows is strictly prohibited. It was kinda mesmerizing, looking at the lions up-close. They are not walking on the road, they sit still on or in their dens, looking all relaxed and not interested in the visitors. Or maybe they were full. God help us if they were hungry, right?

Clockwise: a lioness, lions, tiger on the road

The tigers seemed to be more active than the lions, few of them were on the road, but there was this one still-in-training tiger, which was really interested in my car and then started to sniff my window. I freaked out a bit lol. It was scary until finally the trainer told him to stop.

Scary tiger coming to my car

And look at that calm, cool giraffe!


We made a stop, to get some snacks before going to the other part of the zoo. We spotted a cafe, I think it's called Camel cafe. My memory sucks.

Cake display

We bought some breads, but the best one was the pandan bread with kaya filling. The kaya filling innards was really superb. One of the bests I've ever had. I don't have the individual photo, it was demolished in the speed of light lol.

Purchased breads; clockwise: pandan and kaya bread, hotdog bread, chocolate and peanut swirl, pizza

After the snacks, the cousins and me checked out the baby zoo. A lot of baby animals there, there were even kangaroo. There were many kinds of birds too. The scariest thing was to enter the 'night birds' area, where baby owls and bats can be found. The place was so dark I got goosebumps. I don't really like birds I'm afraid they will attack suddenly *shudder*. But the pink flamingo is cute!

Clockwise L-R: ostrich, a big bird (??), sleeping baby owl, flamingo, a bird perching on a bamboo stick (??)

Then we went to orang utan area, said to be the mammal with most similarities to human. The zoo also provide small animals to take pictures with, my fav is this 3 months-old white tiger, I want her to be my pet. Cutest tiger ever.

Top-bottom: orang utan, cousin taking photo with the cutest white tiger

Lunch was at the food court, Rimba food court. I noticed that the zoo doesn't have other commercial food tenants, all tenants are their own included business. Maybe that is another trick to get more income.

Rimba food court

Not many options looked interesting, I settled on nasi timbel complete set. It included rice, salted fish, a fried chicken, fried tofu and tempeh, sayur asem (sour vegetables soup), and sambal (chilli paste).

It is good, decent but nothing special. The chicken was too small I ended up buying another fried chicken hehee. The sambal was not spicy enough I wasn't satisfied. The sayur asem was surprisingly fresh and tasty.

Nasi timbel complete set

The mother opted for gado-gado (Indonesian vegetables salad drenched with peanut sauce) which I didn't try. The crackers are great but.


Now.. here comes my fav animals of the day. Penguins! They are so adorable, no? I love watching them swimming in their tank, and sometimes emerge to the surface for oxygen.

I've never seen real penguins before,  and I found out that those penguins are the Humboldt penguins, which are actually rare. The greatest thing is that three penguins chicks have hatched there. I want a penguin chick!


On the way home, we stopped at a food court, I don't know what the name but, sorry. Anyway I had some cup noodles there, and I also had the most disappointing es teler I've ever had in my life.

Cup noodle

Es teler is Indonesian's typical dessert, but it can also be a drink. It usually consists of jackfruit chunks, young coconut, avocado, with shaved ice on top, drenched with condensed milk and rose syrup.

Es teler

Instead of those supposed-to-be ingredients, I got this strangely shaved ice, with tasteless syrup, and huge chunks of avocado. Where are the jackfruit and coconut? Nada.

Full of avocado

With that weird es teler concludes my trip, I kinda pull a long face about this trip. I didn't encounter much great food, besides the pandan-kaya bread. However, I am still happy to see cute animals, especially the penguins. And yes, the kaya was amazing.


Camel Cafe: 3/5 (Worth the try)
Good bread, helpful service, price OK, nice cafe ambiance.

Rimba Food Court: 2/5 (OK)
Edible food although not that good, clean and cool environment holds the plus score. Service quite OK, price is OK.



Jln. Raya Puncak 601
Cisarua 16750
Phone: 8250 000
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