Monday, 15 August 2011

Railway Restaurant and Bar, Kuta - Bali

The restaurant looks very cozy..

..when we were wandering around Kuta to find decent dinner. That's why we finally settled here. Kuta's area at night is pretty crowded, with tourists wandering around looking for restaurants. The area that I went to that night (I don't know exactly which area of Kuta) is truly surrounded by restaurants. Really there is massive number of them. It took us a good 15 mins wandering around and we finally chose this place.

Railway restaurant and bar

Railway restaurant and bar is actually a restaurant from Kuta Station Hotel. The interior is dimly lit, and the place's quite packed that night.


They have large dining room, and pretty mini mountain in front. They also have live band performing daily.

Live band and the bar

They offer many kinds of cuisine here, vary from Western to Mexican. However, when I checked out the menu, it seemed that they're specialized in BBQ and Chinese food.


The appetizers chosen that night was this awesome garlic bread. Different and much better from any garlic bread I've had, these ones are very crunchy but fluffy in the middle part, the garlic butter's tasty and awesome, and I just love slightly charred baguette. They're so moreish I can't stop eating them. I should've had ordered these as my dinner.

Garlic bread - IDR 25,000 ($2.8)

Beef fried rice is the next to arrive, generous portion of the rice and how I wish I can say the same for the beef. The rice's tasty and not soggy at all.

Beef fried rice - IDR 50,000 ($5.5)

I think this one's one of their specialty, BBQ beef slices. I tried one and I give my thumb up. The beef's succulent and still juicy, and the marinade married perfectly with the beef.

BBQ beef slices

Sui kiaw soup (clear chicken and woodear mushroom dumpling soup with green choy) is the mom's choice, the dumplings are so firm and delicious, but the soup needs more seasoning.

Sui kiaw soup - IDR 30,000 ($3.3)

Kwetiaw fish ball soup (yellowtail fish ball soup with flat rice noodle and fish cake) is kinda bland for me, I think more seasoning won't hurt. The fish cake and fish ball taste ordinary good though.

Kwetiaw fish ball soup - IDR 35,000 ($3.9)

Plump-looking prawns in prawn fried kwetiaw make me drool. They look so juicy and they're just waving to me. Oh no. Unfortunately I didn't try any *sob*.

Prawn stir fried kwetiaw

As much as I wanted the garlic bread again, I decided to give the dim sums menu a try. I finally chose the chicken and prawn siu may.They're maybe one of the best siumays I've ever tasted. They're so firm and the chicken and prawn inside are so plentiful I thought they're gonna explode hehee. The flavour is great too.

Chicken and prawn siumay - IDR 18,000 ($2)

Ah awesome garlic bread and great siumays really made my night..

Rating: 3/5 (Worth the try)
Great dim sums and garlic bread, although other food may be mediocre. Good ambiance & service, but price is quite high.



Jalan Kartika Plaza, 8X 
Kuta, Bali 80361  

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