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Kristoforus 2 High School's Canteen, Taman Palem - Jakarta

Oh how I miss high school..
Tumpeng competition

..including the drama, the immaturity, the scolding from teachers, the cheating.. Things that sometimes we won't get from uni. And I miss my teachers.

So that's why we decided to go to our beloved high school on our holiday, also to recall our high school memory which has already ended from 1 year ago. Or almost 2 years by now.

We had our visit cunningly planned, we chose to visit on the day when the Indonesia's independence day competitions were being held. And yes, independence day competitions equal to tumpeng (Indonesian style cone-shaped rice, with various side dishes) and es buah (fruit soup) competitions. And that means, as 'senior guests', we might be offered to taste some.

Guess what, of course we were offered to taste! O yeah. I scored a full glass of watermelon-longan-grape fruit soup which was sweet and so refreshing. I was really thirsty hehee. Christina also scored one glass of another kind of fruit soup, which was totally different from mine. We didn't get to try the tumpeng though. The tumpengs were great! Some of them had really complete side dishes. Good job!

Scored fruit soup

Of course there was modern dance competition that day, it's kinda almost a tradition for every event at Kristoforus high school. Look at the black-white-shirt-boy eating with the molding cone for tumpeng. Clever no?


We were excited to see the dance, but we need some appetizers first. Kristoforus (Xto)'s canteen is the most crowded place during breaks. Although it has been extended, it seems like it's not enough to accommodate all of the students. That's why when I was still a student, I preferred to eat at my air-con class.

The canteen's seriously hot when we were there. But the sweat didn't stop me from drooling at this display. This tenant is new, I guess. They sell fried things, and some other things that I didn't pay attention to. I was really absorbed by these crunchy looking babies.

Fried things display

The fried things include: bakwan (fried veggie fritters), fried battered banana, lumpia (fried spring rolls), ekado (quail egg wrapped in crunchy tofu skin), fried battered tofu, sweet potato balls, and so on.

More displays

How I love saying: 'One of each, please!'. Makes me feel great for some reason hehee. Well we got each of everything except for the fried banana, and I asked for the second fried veggie fritter.

They were not as good as I expected them to be, most of them were rather soggy and only had a bit of crunch left. I guess they had been on the display for quite some time. However, the veggie fritter was great, it was still crunchy. The ekado was still piping hot, although the minced tofu inside was not too enjoyed. Our fav was the sweet potato ball. It was rolled in refined sugar first before put  into the plastic bag. It's skin was a bit crunchy, and the inside was gorgeously chewy and has a strong flavour of sweet potato and palm sugar. The ball itself wasn't too sweet, but the sugar on the skin added some nice sweetness; making it to be a nice, hearty snack. I'd love to have these balls as my afternoon snack anytime.

Purchased fried goodness

After the dance, we kinda felt hungry so we were back to the canteen. The drinks stall was the first one I went to. It's just too hot man.

Drinks stall

I always love the drink in plastic bag. Brings back memories and it's practical!

Sweet ice tea in plastic bag - IDR 3,000 (0.3)

There are six food and drink tenants here. We tried almost all of them, leaving one tenant whose food didn't look very appetizing.

I chose ayam penyet (crushed chicken) for lunch. It used to be my fav meal when I was a student here. I also remember that this tenant was the most crowded stall back then.

Ayam penyet stall

I got the set, rice with a piece of crushed chicken, a fried wonton and some flakes. I was kinda disappointed cause they used to have spicy egg and stir fried kangkung.

The rice was so soggy. The flakes were also soggy and not crunchy at all. Luckily, the chicken was tender and tasty enough. The chilli sauce helped a lot, while the wonton tasted ordinary. I used to enjoy the ayam penyet set so much, this is not what I am talking about. Bring back my fav meal, this is not it *sob*.

Ayam penyet set - IDR 8,000 ($0.8)

Christina had been craving for the noodles, so she opted for it. This noodles tenant is also very popular among the hungry students. They sell instant noodles and chicken noodles (mie ayam).

Noodles stall

The chicken noodles tasted the same like they were in the past. Ordinarily good. It's tasty, and some chopped shallots, steamed veggies, fried garlic, pepper, and a bit chilli sauce compliment the plate excessively well. I should've had this one instead of the ayam penyet.

Mie ayam - IDR 7,000 ($0.7)

We were most certainly can't leave before having fried otak-otak (fish cake) from Red Crispy stall. This babies were my fav snack back then. Crunchy batter outside, and deliciously chewy fish cake inside. I need not say more.

Battered otak-otak - IDR 2,000 ea ($0.2 ea)

My craving for my high school's food has been satisfied for now. I'll definitely come back for more sweet potato balls and fried otak-otak.

P.S. I just noticed I don't have a post about Indonesia's independence day. My bad, but I love you Indonesia!


Taman Palem Lestari block A/18
West Jakarta
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  1. It sure looks better than my school canteen back in the day! Those chicken noodles...


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