Monday, 15 August 2011

Kedaton Restaurant, Kuta - Bali

It was the second day in Bali when we went to this restaurant..

..and the complete post about the second day will be here soon. Anyways this restaurant's also a recommendation for our awesome tour guide, Mr Komang. It's located in Kuta, so I reckon maybe it's nearby the beach itself.

Kedaton restaurant

This restaurant specialize in nasi Bali which is white rice with many side dishes. We were pretty much just interested about the nasi Bali so most of us ordered the same thing. They have a display of side dishes, so we are more than welcome to choose which ones that we want to accompany our warm white rice.

Dishes display

The side dishes offered are confounding, the options vary from chilli beef jerky, beef with green chilli, spicy shredded chicken, chicken satay, sate lilit, stir fried green beans with bean sprout, Balinese fried chicken, fried cow lung, and deep fried prawn crackers. Most of them are spicy.

Stir fried beef with green chilli

Playing easy, I chose nasi Bali lengkap or complete set of Balinese mixed rice. It includes almost every side dishes that are on display, but minus the cow lung cause I don't like it. And for some reasons I wasn't given the fried chicken. Hmm.

The dish tastes pretty good actually. However, I'd prefer the side dishes to be eaten separately cause each of them has strong flavour. That makes them kinda overpower each other. There are so many flavour explosions in my mouth, it's too overwhelming for me. The seasoning is perfect though, although it a tad too oily for my liking.

Nasi Bali lengkap - IDR 50,000 ($5.5)

Having said that, I have to say my fav ones were the chilli beef jerky and the crunchy deep fried prawn crackers.

Overall I like the dish, but I reckon I should've asked for less side dishes.

Rating: 3/5 (Worth the try)
Quite nice Balinese mixed rice, but price is too high for a plate. Place's ambiance is OK, service is fast.


Jln Raya Kuta no 62/3
Kuta, Bali

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