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Gekko Seafood Restaurant, Jimbaran Bay - Bali

Having dinner with the view of beach and waves, right in front of us..

..sounds to be a pretty good idea for me.

That's why on our last night in Bali, we agreed to go to a quite special kind of restaurant that we may not find one in Jakarta. The restaurant is at Jimbaran Bay, on the area of Kedonganan beach. Jimbaran is actually a beach in Bali, which is very close with kedongan beach.

There are numbers of restaurants along the road where Gekko restaurant is. They are all have the same concept; dining area is on the beach so the sea is just a few meters from the tables. From a few reviews from other food blogs, I notice that they all have the same menu as well.

Gekko restaurant

The restaurant is very spacious, they have indoor dining area, and outdoor dining area which is facing the Kedonganan beach. They also have a small stage for entertainment, such as Balinese dancing or singing. Their kitchen is located at the indoor dining area.

Open kitchen

When I first saw the outdoor dining area, I was really in awe. The sea can be seen clearly although it's night so it's dark. The sound of waves is surprisingly calming.

Dining area with the Kedonganan beach view

Not much light there, so there are a lot of candles around. We got a huge table, and I love sinking my feet into the soft, cold sand. The sensation is so comfy. I believe the sand here is even softer than Kuta beach's sand.

The dining area

We got a mini shot of welcome drink which tasted just like ordinary orange juice.

Welcome drink

Suddenly I spotted a grilled corn stall and I just can't hold myself. The corn was the best one I've ever had. Tastiest, juiciest corn I've ever had. Yum!

Grilled corn - IDR 10,000 ($1.1)

At first, some of the family members didn't want to go here cause some say the food price here is incredibly expensive. But with some tweaking here and there we got a great deal from the restaurant. Don't ask me how cause I don't understand how the uncles persuaded the restaurant hehee.

First, we were given complimentary stir fried kangkung (water spinach) which happened to be the most undercooked kangkung I've ever tasted. Not good. I only ate some and gave the rest to the dad.

Stir fried kangkung (complimentary)

I'm sorry about the lack of the food photos but this is all we ate that night. This large set of seafood is supposed to be shared between two, but I'd love to have one just for myself hehee.

This seafood set consists of grilled fish, squid, prawns, crab, and shell fish. The best part is the shellfish. They're just flawless. Tender, perfectly cooked shellfish permeated by finger-licking, spicy marinade, what else can you ask for? The squid on the skewers are also great, tender and tasty with the marinade. The prawns are exquisite, still juicy and the marinade makes everything delicious. As for the crab and the fish, however, I'd love them to be bigger. The fish's flesh is just not enough for me, let alone two people. Same thing with the crab although they are actually good.

Fish set (grilled fish, spicy grilled shell fish, grilled squid, grilled prawns, and grilled crab - IDR 150,000 per person ($16.7)

I wasn't full enough so I can't resist myself from buying my second grilled corn for dessert hehee. If they weren't finished with the meal yet I would go buy the third one, I reckon. It's that good.

After the meal, the cousins and me checked out the sea. It's beautiful even when we can't see much. And somehow I got these cool blurred photos. I didn't know how I did it.

Cool blurred images

Rating: 4/5 (Recommended)
The awesome sea-side environment and view is why I give the 4/5 rating, but the food is mostly great too. Service decent, price is a bit pricey but they have good sets.


Jimbaran Bay, Kedonganan Beach

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