Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Burger Merchant, Jakarta's Street Food

Have I told you that I love street food?

O yeah I do love it. A place with many street food carts can really spoil me.

This time I'll post about the burger. I usually call this 'burger goceng' or five-thousand-rupiahs burger. That's obviously because one burger from this cart costs IDR 5,000 or $0.5. The price is very cheap, but I think all street foods are significantly cheaper than restaurant foods, right?

This is one of Roo's fav street food. I love the burger too but I have my own fav. I'll post about it later.

The burger cart

This burger cart can be found rather easily in Jakarta, especially in front of schools or churches. The cart has a mini stove and a pan, mini fridge inside, and of course the ingredients. It only sells burger and hotdog, and I notice that the burger is ordered more than the hotdog.

The stove and pan

So this is how the seller make my burger. First, he fried the smoked beef (of course it's a cheap one, it's street food what do you expect). After adding more butter, he also pun the bun on the pan, so it would absorb the butter and will be a bit crunchy. The condiments are next, which are: chilli and tomato sauce, sliced cucumber, lettuce and tomato. He put all of them together and my burger's ready.

Clockwise L-R: frying sliced smoked beef, putting the bun on, frying everything together, wrapping the burger.

The final burger is delicious. At least for a street food burger. Obviously you cannot compare it with Maccas or Charlie and co.

The bun is the best part for me, still warm, a wee bit crunchy, and deliciously salty and tasty from using heaps of butter. I can't say much for the smoked beef since it's a commercial smoked beef that I don't usually buy. However, everything works really well, except for the sauce which tastes weird for me. That's why, as much as I love spicy burger, I always ask for just a bit of the sauce. Cause it tastes funny.

The final burger

Well I guess, when you grow up surrounded by street foods everywhere, you just can stop yourself from loving them.

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