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Bu Oka Suckling Pig, Ubud - Bali

The idea of having crunchy, delicious pork crackling lured us here..

..although we were given two options of best possible meals in Bali, bebek bengil or babi guling (suckling pig).

In Bali, you can see many suckling pig restaurants around. But Mr Komang the tour guide took us to Bu Oka suckling pig restaurant, saying that this is the best suckling pig restaurant in Bali. After a few research, I found that this place is even recommended by Anthony Bourdain.

Bu Oka restaurant, Ubud branch

Almost every decoration in the restaurant is screaming traditional Balinese decorations. The place itself is a two-level restaurant, but I am not sure whether there's another dining area upstairs or not. There are rather many trees around so it's cool and comfy.

The interior is simple, they use wood tables and chairs, and I noticed that on few tables there are sesajen,a form of offering for the gods from the Balinese people.

There's a big menu board on the wall, but we were also given a smaller version of the menu.

Board menu list


I was very willing to try everything so I chose the complete set of nasi daging (rice with meat) which is also includes a bowl of soup.

There were a lot of pig's stuff on that plate. Fried crumbed pork meat, pork sausage, slices of pork drenched with fragrant sauce, traditional chopped veggies, and of course the glorious pig skin. The warm rice is a great accompaniment, the dryness of the dish is eliminated by the help of the tasty soup.

Rice and the soup

The fried crumbed meat is top notch; crunchy, with tasty, not too heavy crumbs. The sliced pork meat are tender and succulent; the spices sauce is very fragrant and tasty but haven't been absorbed perfectly by the meat. Thankfully they gave much of it. I, however, had to leave the sausages untouched cause I discovered that they are made of pig's blood and liver, and maybe some other things. They're kinda like blood sausage, and I have a real issue with blood sausage. The veggies provide nice crunch and freshness to the plate.

'Separated' , complete rice set with soup - IDR 50,000 ($5.5)

The pork crackling is actually not what I hoped for; I want the thick, really crunchy and salty one, you know like the one from Lowenbrau. Instead of that, I got a thin, slightly salty pork skin. It's excessively crunchy too, like a cracker. But I love pork skin so I didn't complain hehee.

Sexy pork skin

The dad ordered the 'Special' set, which is pretty much the same as mine, minus the soup.

'Special' ; rice, pork meat, fried pork meat, veggies, sausage, and pork skin - IDR 30,000 ($3.3)

The mom chose only a plate of the veggies, which is actually consists of chopped snake beans, papaya leaves, and dessicated coconut, also some fried shallots on top. She regretted the choice later because she is successfully tempted by the pork fiesta in front of her lol.

Sayuran (veggies) - IDR 15,000 ($1.7)

For the drinks we got fresh orange juice which was really good and not too sweet, and young coconut drink. I love young coconut, have I said that?


Oh yeah, the other thing that I love about eating at this place is the chilli sauce, it's so hot I would love to have that kind of chilli sauce for the rest of my life.

Despite some minor misses, this restaurant is the best one I've tried during my trip in Bali. Incredible pork fiesta can really win me over.

Rating: 4/5 (Recommended)
Authentic and great suckling pig, traditional Balinese ambiance, great service and price is acceptable.



Jalan Suweta/Tegal Sari No. 2 
Ubud, Bali

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