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Bali Part #3 - Kampung Nusantara, Wood Carving, Sukawati Art Market, and Kuta Beach

Forgive the lack of food photos in this post, please.
Frangipani flower (bunga Jepun Bali)

Because unfortunately, I didn't encounter with much food that day. But anyways these places are great so I just feel like I have to post them. But here's a picture of the last fluffy omelet from the villa hehee.

Room made brekkie

Kampung Nusantara, Balinese souvenirs

Clothes stacks

First stop of the day (after some swimming and fluffy omelet) was Kampung Nusantara, one of the famous-five shopping places in Bali. They offer staggering number of Balinese souvenirs, vary from key chains to even paintings. They also sell Balinese snacks. My fav is the kacang disco (battered fried nuts). I can eat one jar in one sitting.

Kacang disco

I'd prefer to go to Krisna (another souvenir shop) actually, since the tour guide said it's bigger and even more complete.

Wood carving centre

We went here after great suckling pig lunch. I don't know what this place's name is, my bad. I just know that this place is where awesome wood carving can be located.

One of the man saw me and my camera and he said, kindly, that I was totally permitted to take photos. Gosh Balinese people are so gentle and kind.

On the terrace, a number of woodcarver were working quietly. Each of them holding a wood sculpture, some have almost finished and some haven't. They looked really pro at working with their tools, and I was really amazed with how they can make the sculpture really really detailed.

Picking the right metal stick

I noticed there are a lot of this Frangipani flower around. They are so beautiful no?

Inside, they display all of the carvings. They are really good, all of them. There are some that are giantic, but there are also the small, cute ones. Oh look even the monkey wore the flowers.

Monkey wood carving

My fav carving was this one. This is a really small carving, yet very detailed. it's a carving of an old man putting his chicken inside the cage. This one's not finished yet, since it need to be polished first.

Great, detailed wood carving

Sukawati art market

Some say you haven't been to Bali when you don't go to Sukawati art market. Unfortunately I was still kinda drowsy from the bus ride so I didn't explore it much. 

You can find many many kinds of clothes, hair bands, bags, and many more there.

T-B: bags for sale, the shops

I scored some Barong-painted t-shirt which are very comfy. And this stack of sesajen caught my eyes. Pretty.


Kuta beach

Cherries on the sand

Here we go, the most famous beach in Bali, Kuta beach. The beach is so beautiful, but I didn't swim cause i have issues with sands inside my clothes. I tried to draw cherries on the sand but the cousin said it looked like an alien aircraft.

There are a lot of people at Kuta that day, most of them are Western I must say. Some were doing exercise, some were just laying down, many were swimming.

T-B: Kuta beach, a cute golden retriever dog

"Come! We have bottled water with water flavour!" , that was the silliest promotion I've ever heard. Really one of the drinks seller said that to me. Maybe he's just kidding, but he seemed serious lol.

We were here for the sunset, and we were just on time to see it. It's so pretty, although I hoped the sky was clearer. These are my first sunset photos.

Sunset #1
Sunset #2
Sunset #3
Sunset #4
Sunset #5

What's for dinner? Check out Gekko seafood restaurant.

Well I guess the pretty sunset concludes the Bali vacation. Overall, it's a great experience, and I'm so happy that I got to taste Bali's best culinary spots, although I'm still very curious about Pia Legong (said to be the best Bali traditional pie).

And look at my fingers! I had them done in Kuta, the woman was very fast at doing this thing. They are supposed to be Bali's frangipani flowers!

Flowers nail-art


Jalan Raya Sunset Road 162 X
Kuta, Bali

Jalan Raya Sukawati
Gianyar, Bali

Jalan Pantai Kuta
Kuta, Bali
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