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Bali Part #2 - Watersports, GWK, and Uluwatu Temple

Pardon me if I sound like a tour guide this time..

..because these places are just awesome I feel like I have to post them. Alrighty we'll start with good breakfast from the villa, which was made by their 'chef' who came to our villa just to make our breakfast. It consisted of fluffy capsicum omelet, pan fried potato wedges, fried chicken sausage, and one slice of bacon. Mmm bacon.

Room-made breakfast

Batara watersport, Nusa Dua

T-B: Nusa Dua beach, a young coconut stall at the beach

First stop of the day was Nusa Dua beach, where there's Batara watersports. Nusa Dua beach is one of the beaches in Bali, it's hot of course, but there are a lot of tourists doing watersports so it's kinda crowded.

So who loves banana boat? Well I do. I never tried that before I came to this place. Batara offers many kind of water recreation, such as marine sport (banana boat, parasailing, flying fish etc.), scuba diving, sea walking, and even dolphin watching. I was just curious about the banana boat so I just chose that one. The brother, however, also did parasailing, which he admitted later that it's not scary at all.

The brother doing parasailing

No photos of the banana boat cause everyone's doing it, nobody's taking photos. I love banana boat. I think watersports is one must-do thing in Bali.

Fresh young coconut is just what I need to beat the high temperature. With only IDR 15,000 ($1.5) each, it's hard to say no.

Opening the coconut

The lady was so fast at opening the coconut, and I noticed she also put some sugar water to the coconut juice innards. In no time I had received my coconut, and everybody was staring at me when I took pictures of the coconut hmm.

Fresh, cold, and slightly sweet young coconut is my friend.

Fresh young coconut

And the brother was hungry so we bought some cup noodles which tasted ordinary good.

Cup noodle

What's for lunch? Check out Kedaton restaurant.

GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana)

Garuda statue

GWK cultural park is one must-visit place in Bali. It's the home of Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue's construction, which will be standing 150 meters tall, with its wing span 64 meters across. It is said that the statue will be the tallest statue in the world when it's completed, even taller that the Liberty statue.

The statue isn't complete yet, and here's how the garuda statue looks like:

And here's the Wisnu statue.Wisnu is said to be the god who maintains and cares about all life and its being.

Wisnu statue

And here's how the statue will look like when it's finished:

Full model

The area of GWK measuring 240 hectares, which used to be an unproductive limestone quarry. There are a lot of tall limestone cliffs all over the place. From the highest place of GWK park, we can see all the beaches in Bali, and the tour guide said if the sky is clear, we can even see Java island.

Beside the statue, GWK also have tourism facilities such as Lotus Pond, Festival Park, Amphitheater, Street Theater, Exhibition Hall, even restaurant like Jendela Bali The Panoramic Restaurant and souvenir shop.

They also have daily Balinese performance, when we went there we were just in time to see Kecak dance and Barong dance shows.

Kecak dancers
Barong dancing

I really wish I'd go to the restaurant, it looks so nice on the web. And o yeah, I am currently obsessed with taking pictures with sky background hehee.

Magnum almond

Pura Uluwatu (Uluwatu temple)

Cousin trying to communicate with the monkeys

Pura Luhur Uluwatu is a Balinese temple which is located at Kuta, Badung. It is built on a high, steep cliff which overhanging the sea. It lies at an altitude of 97 meters from the sea, providing us the best view of Pecatu beach that is really breathtaking.

The pura (temple) is also home for numbers of monkeys, which can wander around the area freely without any leash. That's why the visitors are warned before going in to the area, to remove necklace, hats, eyeglasses, and hair bands. The monkeys are naughty they may take your things rudely.

The monkey chief (seemed so)

Although we are warned not to play with the monkeys, we are allowed to feed them. Some of us are interested to feed the monkeys, they even allowed the monkeys to climb onto their bodies. No I didn't do it. Seriously they look fierce man!

There was this one big monkey that seemed to be their leader or something like that, cause the little monkeys are afraid of him.

My mom's glasses were taken by a monkey, she freaked out really bad lol. Finally a man who seemed to be the monkeys tamer came and managed to get my mom's glasses back. But she had to pay some money to him. I'm guessing it's just the tamer's trick to get some money booo.

T-B: little monkeys waiting for food, monkeys looking for lice

I was really happy to find that there was a grilled corn stall inside. Yummy yummy corn.

Grilled corn

I bought the spicy one. It's soooo good, finger licking delicious.

Delicious corn

What's for dinner? Check out Railway restaurant and bar.

The places that I mentioned here are on top lists of must-visit places in Bali. I reckon any tour guide will recommend the same thing too. Bali Bali you're so interesting!


Jl.Pratama No.89 Tanjung Benoa
Phone. +62-361-776322
Fax. +62-361-776320 +62-361-771140
Nusa Dua - Bali

Jalan Raya Uluwatu - Jimbaran
Badung 80364, Indonesia

Desa Pecatu, Kecamatan Kuta, Badung
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