Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Bakmi Ahok (Dempo), Citra 2 - Jakarta [CLOSED]

I dare say there are hundreds of noodles restaurants..
Pork noodles

..in Jakarta only. With many names, and differences in the bowls served. I've heard few 'so called' best noodles restaurants in town, but haven't tried them one by one. I also have my favourite, I'll post about it soon.

My fav kind of noodles is Bangka noodles. It's my dad hometown and I say their noodles are the best. However, when I tried Bakmi Ahok or Ahok Noodles at the first time, I can declare that this noodles can easily be my next fav.

The banner in front

The place's nearby my house. It's been there quite a long time but only few weeks ago I got to try it. Apparently they also have a branch in Grogol. The place always seems packed every morning, by people craving for heavy breakfast. We Indonesian love our heavy breakfast hehee.

The restaurant's actually located on a huge terrace of a home, so it kinda feels homey. Typical a noodle restaurant, there are many condiments on the table, such as chilli sauce, soy sauce bottles, fish cake, and pork crackling. And they also offer bottled soya milks ready to drink.

L-R: tables and chairs, bottled soya milks


The pork crackling is different with the one we usually have in Sydney, this one's lighter and more oily. I don't really like it cause it doesn't taste much like pork crackling for me. But it adds nice crunch and saltiness.

The pork crackling

Bakmi Ahok is said to be from Palembang, so the noodles are served Palembang style. It's not presented in a bowl but on a red plate. You can choose your preferred protein to accompany the noodles, whether it's pork or chicken.

The man making the noodles

I always love pork more than chicken so I choose pork noodles with meatball soup. I love how chewy the noodles are. Deliciously chewy. It's perfectly seasoned, and the minced pork on top is also tasty. Two slices of kaffir lime is also given to adds freshness of the noodles. Everything on the plate just works exceedingly well. The noodles are quite dry so ordering a bowl of wonton/meatball soup is recommended.

Pork noodles with meatball - IDR 18,000 ($2)

The boy got chicken noodles with wonton soup, which is no different with mine, only with minced chicken instead of pork. The wontons are disappointing though, they have super mini filling I can barely taste it.

Chicken noodles with wontons - IDR 18,000 ($2)


I think I'll come again for my breakfast sometimes.

Rating: 3.5/5 (Really worth the try)
Great and tasty noodles, service is fast although a bit ignorant, place can be hot in daytime, price is OK.

UPDATE 02/01/12: Bakmi Ahok Citra 2 branch has been closed.



Citra 2 Complex, Block C1 No.9

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