Friday, 1 July 2011

Tea Garden and Farmers Market, Serpong - Tangerang

So I was craving dimsims.

Then my dad took us to Tea Garden, a restaurant in Serpong. I’ve never been there before, but the brother doesn’t really like the restaurant. So I was kinda skeptical.
The interior here is nice; there are a lot of tea field pictures.

There are two kinds of menu that are offered, dimsims menu and the usual food menu. I wanted to pick more dimsims, but they don’t want the fried ones so I had to swallow my disappointment. We just had four kinds, which all steamed.

The har gao are good, the prawns are juicy and succulent.  
Tea Garden har gao - IDR 15,000 ($1.67)

The fung jao (chicken feet) are quite good, but I didn’t feel like demolishing the whole portion of it. Or maybe it’s just me being too full already.  
Chicken feet - IDR 11,000 ($1.2)

Crab siumay are satisfying, these ones are my fav among the four we ordered.  
Crab siumay - IDR 14,000 ($1.5)

Char siu bao (BBQ pork bun) are okay, but I think the filling is too little given.
Cha siew pao - IDR 12,000 ($1.3)

We also ordered other foods beside the dimsims.
I opted for the kwetiau penang (stir fried wide rice noodles Penang style), which doesn’t really have something special, the taste is good though.
Kwetiau penang - IDR 17,500 ($1.9)
The brother was worried and played safe with nasi ayam stik merica hitam (black pepper chicken steak with rice). The chicken is tender, but I was disappointed with the egg which is hard boiled. I want runny egg yolk photo you know!
Nasi ayam stik merica hitam - IDR 22,000 ($2.4)

The mother chose mie tom yam seafood (seafood tom yam with noodles), which tasted really good.  It was perfectly seasoned, and I love the sourness of the soup. The fish and prawn chunks are juicy also.
Mie tom yam seafood - IDR 18,000 ($2)
The grandma picked mie chasio dengan wantan (noodles with BBQ pork and wontons). I didn’t try this, but the BBQ pork slices were so little given! But the wontons seemed so firm though.
Mie chasio dengan wantan - IDR 15,500 ($1.7)

The father decided on mie bakso udang (noodles with prawns and fish meatballs). I think it’s kinda bland. But he looked satisfied enough with his meal. Maybe it’s just me then?
Mie bakso udang - IDR 15,500 ($1.7)
We also tried poileng tumis bawang putih (stir fried poileng with garlic). I actually have no idea what is poileng, but it tastes like spinach. This dish tasted okay.
Poileng tumis bawang putih - IDR 20,000 ($2.2)

Summarecon Mall Serpong    

After the meal, we went to Farmers Market, at Summarecon Mall Serpong, nearby. I found rosemary here!
The thing that got my attention was the giant, bubbling coke. Never seen anything like that before. And the lontar too! Lontar is a fruit, with hard skin, but has chewy, transparent flesh and a little bit juice on the centre. The actual fruit is small; the skin is very very thick so it seems like a large fruit. Lontar has subtle sweetness, bite through the flesh and you’ll find the juice. I really like this fruit, but unfortunately, this fruit is not sold everywhere, only at several areas.
Giant coke!

And I tried very expensive durian-kopyor shake from Kedungsari dessert shop at the food court. This one tasted really good, but I was hoping to get more durian than the kopyor though. Kopyor is a kind of coconut which is very expensive. I don’t know the English name however.
Durian-kopyor shake - IDR 29,000 ($3.2)

 Rating (Tea Garden): 3/5 (Worth the try)

 Good food and dim sums selection, friendly service, nice and clean ambiance, price is OK.

Ruko Moscow Square
Boulevard Gading Serpong Street 
Block A/02, Tangerang

Jl. Boulevard Gading Serpong

Curug 15810

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