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Roti Bakar 88, Taman Palem - Jakarta

Sooo who like supper?
Roti bakar 88

Well I do. Though I know supper may result in weight gain on the next morning, I love eating something late at night before sleeping. That makes my life happier hehee.

We Indonesian love supper. That's why some stalls or restaurants only open after 6 p.m. until midnight. So it's not unusual here to see people filling up restaurants or street food stalls at midnight. One of the most popular menu as supper here is 'ropang' or grilled sandwich. There are many grilled sandwich stalls around, usually on the side of roads.

I also like eating grilled sandwiches at night, or we usually use the verb 'ropangan'. I got few fav stalls around Taman Palem, but this time I tried a nearer stall, Roti Bakar 88, which is actually a branch from the main restaurant in Tangerang. The boy said he always sees the place packed every night so we gave it a try. It's my birthday anyway yeaaaa!


The usual ordered menu is chocolate-cheese grilled sandwich (roti panggang coklat keju) and chocolate-cheese grilled banana (pisang panggang coklat keju).

The sandwich uses different kind of bread as the other stalls, while the others use ordinary sliced white bread, they use thicker, fluffier kind of bread. The grated cheese is aplenty, but there isn't enough condensed milk for me. This kinda of sandwich's my fav. I love sugar rush at night *grin*

Chocolate-cheese grilled sandwich - IDR 9,500 ($1.05)

The grilled banana with chocolate rice (meises) and grated cheddar cheese is also another good choice, but the banana should be more caramelised in my opinion.

Chocolate-cheese grilled banana - IDR 9,500 ($1.05)

We did try other sandwich, which is omelet-corned beef-cheese grilled sandwich (roti panggang telur kornet keju). The filling consists of thin omelet and salty corned beef, covered heavily with grated cheddar. The omelet's too thin, I'd like it to be much much thicker. The beef adds nice saltiness, but I found it kinda overwhelming cause the cheese is salty as well.

Omelet-corned beef-cheese grilled sandwich - IDR 11,000 (1.2)

They also offer instant noodles menus, we tried fried instant noodles with egg (mie goreng dengan telur) and complete instant noodles (mie kuah komplit), which has corned beef, cheese, and egg. The fried one tastes ordinary, I can make it easily at home. The egg is not runny and sexy too, booo.

Fried instant noodles with egg - IDR 6,000 ($0.6)

The complete noodles is extremely salty, even for me, let alone for Roo whose tongue is very sensitive. I think the salty corned beef and the cheese are too much. I want the egg yolk to be runny too actually hehee.

Complete instant noodles - IDR 12,000 ($1.3)

As for other menu like cheese burger, we found it kinda disappointing. It'd be much better if the pattie used is not the commercial smoked beef like that.

Cheeseburger - IDR 9,500 ($1.05)

The dish of the night is the appetizer, otak otak (fried fish cake). I notice that this one's the most popular menu among the customers that night. Almost every table has otak-otak. It's crispy although not golden brown, and I like the dips, which are salsa sauce, mayo, and ketchup. The drinks menu are typical, we opted for orange juice and ice tea.

Otak-otak - IDR 9,500 ($1.05)

Orange juice - IDR 5,000 ($0.5)

Ice tea - IDR 2,500 ($0.3)

The place's actually comfy, but we aren't that satisfied that night. But I still heart my supper. Count me in on supper fiesta anytime.

Rating: 2/5 (OK/Average)
Mediocre supper menu and snacks, good ambiance, service is kinda slow, price is very affordable.


Ruko Taman Palem Lestari block CC 1/7
Taman Palem,  West Jakarta

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